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  1. He has been issued with a warning. Lets keep an eye on him and if he keeps it up, he will be banned.

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    2. philip1971


      I no when I am wrong, but also any normal person can take it on the chin like and get critised or called witch is find by me , but when people call me on this site or a few more than normal , and do not no the facts of the about between mark and me , that does not givevthe right to call me or cross exam me with question, or ask me question wot are about the subject but not directly ask me but inderectly , I have thr right reply and the right to be offended, and they have no right to offered me or stick there noses in to my bisiness , or insult me when the do not no the true facts.so was angry yesterday with wot I read and offended, but al so can respectfully apologise for using foul language. But , also I can be offened by wot you have said and called me in a pillick and offended by giving rope to hang my self.in inricher man comments and other club members.but im sorry for using words as I did, but please tell member to mind there own businesses and keep out of mine,



    3. Irmscher Man

      Irmscher Man

      philip1971 - Not sure why you are on this thread to be honest - seems to be a bit of a mix up at the forum level. This doesn't relate to you so somehow the forum software managed to get our wires crossed.

      If you are reading this, the forum did issue you with a warning for using foul language. The warning point should drop off in the future. 

    4. philip1971


      Yes I did read it, and received a warning for using bad lagurage , witch is wrong and unexcepable, but in this cock with the soft ware , and commIng to me at the tme as was angury at thinking this was to me, so the , club have to take a share of the blame, and you should iindicate , in future, So it was projected at me so I lost my calm and swore, you would if it got to you when you did have clue wot it was for, you would think it was for you, get my point, but thats in the past., I thought its was on top of the other thing people were saying, its a club only for mantas, not a place for slagging me or other people off, or people cross examming me or each other, to get extra browney points.but iv apoligesed. 

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