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  1. Hi and a very warm welcome to the forum. Its really nice to see an early carlton being saved....it really looks like a beauty. I had all but forgotten about them to be honest - so nice to see such a nice one. Will you be taking it down to Billing in July? I'm sure you will create some interest with that.
  2. Hi and a very warm welcome to the forum. I hope you find it useful and decide to join us in the owners club in the fullness of time! There are quite a few of us reliving our late teens in the club, so I'm sure you will fit in!!!! Oh yes - Pics Please !!!
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum. Nice motor....more pics please!
  4. Awesome....some really ncie ideas there. Always had a soft spot for Chevettes.
  5. Repro fabric is available. Keep your eyes peeled on the members area of forum in the future as we are looking into this.
  6. Are you thinking of DPP 117Y Charlie? Judging by the look of some of the other cars in the yard, I would say the guy is into decent old RWD cars - I'm sure there is another Monza/Senator in the background on one of the photos along with the 3 series Beemer. From the wording of the advert, the guy seems very genuine, loads of up front info about how bad the car is and how it will need a ful restoration! Not the trademarks of a scammer but you never can tell! He is local to me, so I wonder whether I should go and have a look......might be a bad move....
  7. Strange coincidence but we were talking about the Ferguson 4x4 cars at the Midlands area Christmas meal on Friday night and Mark Milsom was waxing lyrical about the Senator conversions that were commisioned by the MOD. Could be a very interesting restoration job....and you get a set of Irmscher Rims to boot! .....I wonder how easily the running gear would transplant onto a Manta.....hmm......
  8. These are originals - not the repro fabric so are worth €50 in any money! It does say that he is will dispatch to germany only but worth a try.
  9. Look fantastic Simon - and you are cracking on with things too....you don't hang about do you? If you are looking at offering some dedicated Manta storage, I'm sure that there are a few of us that could keep you in business! It will be interesting to see how you are getting on, so keep on with the photos! All the best....exciting times!
  10. Yep - Maher the Hermit put a 1.7TD in a Manta a few years back. It was great - sounded like someone had ordered a taxi everytime he turned up at a pub meeting (Sorry Mick).
  11. Just be careful when you take the old steering wheel off.....I almost broke my nose doing this job a few years ago!!
  12. Cool - Welcome to our Opel Enthusiasts from Lithuania. Hope it goes well with the sewing over the winter. Keep us up to date with pictures as we always like to see what people are working on!!
  13. Hi and welcome to the site. I hope you find what you are looking for - you are in the best place so keep an eye on the ads! All the best for your quest and have a great Christmas.
  14. Hello and welcome to the OMOC forum. I hope you find the forum useful and that you find the car of your dreams for a price that is sensible!
  15. Whilst we are talking about i200s that have bitten the dust, heres another example of what leaving a Manta out in the open can do after about 8 years.....
  16. Its a real shame to hear that this car has been broken. I hate to think what happened to it in the years since it first turned up at one of the Midlands Pub meetings (probably back in 97 ??? Mick what do you reckon??) When Mick bought the car, it wasn't too bad at all. I can remember crawling underneath it and looking at the chassis legs - which were not too bad for an manta of that age. Remember the really rotten one from cornwall that went for sale on ebay last year? That made quite a bit as a complete car I seem to remember, so it was pretty short sighted of him to break it for spares. Never mind, as said - it was his car to do with as he pleased.... Thats one less i200 on the register then. Looks as though they just got a bit rarer!
  17. From the Irmscher Database that I have been keeping, this car was originally C944 XDH and turned up in the Midlands about 12 years ago. It was Astro Silver and was one of only 3 known genuine Silver i200's in the UK. It has been through the hands of several club members over the years. I do not have any records of the current owner unfortunately. OMOC Chairman. Memb no 1679F
  18. Nice one.....you are indeed a bucky lastard finding that beast......lovely car. Must be quite a rare colour that. I think I've only ever seen one before this...(perhaps that was yours chris - can't remember). I like the plastic bumpered B's - there is something a bit special about them as they are a bit of a rarity now. I'm looking forward to seeing that at Billing. BTW - Isn't it about time that someone set up a B series register ? It would be great to keep some records of what is left. Cheers, Paul. OMOC Chairman. Memb no 1679F
  19. Those photos are really great - thanks for posting them up. From a personal point of view, I think it is really interesting to have some insight into the cars from new. As far as I am aware, we only have one member in the OMOC that bought an Irmscher car from new, and still owns it. Fortunately, I was speaking to him last Saturday and it is great to hear about the dealings he had with Steve Thompsons. The story was that he saw A99 JUE it at the 1984 motor show and was so taken with it, he popped down to Wallsall the next weekend and placed an order. He had to wait a futher 5 months before the car was ready for collection. All this history is great ! If you don't mind, I'll save copies of these photos and docs for keeping with the Register. It would be great If I could find the time to post some of the photos and literature that I have about the other Irmscher cars. That will have to wait a while though, although we do have space on the club server for a small "Irmscher" section. Might have a word about it with our webmaster.[] Cheers, Paul. OMOC Chairman. Memb no 1679F
  20. Its great to hear of some of the original history for the Irmscher cars. I've owned 2 i200's and very nearly bought D600 DFK earlier this year, so its great to see something of their earlier lives. Thanks for taking the trouble to post these pics up. Whilst we are on the subject of the Irmscher Register: I seem to remember that B600 OEA was originally the Steve Thompsons Demonstrator i240, along with A99 JUE, which was the original i200, (now sadly cut up). Both of them appeared in various magazines and test drive articles - (which I have now sourced, if anyone is interested.) It is probably worth mentioning that a large part of an Irmscher cars identity is the Registration plate. As a rule, the majority of the Irmscher cars have Walsall number plates, (DH EA FD FK HA NX UE or WD). Changing the plates on one of these cars is perhaps not the best option if you intend to keep it original. As the keeper of the "Irmscher Register", I do try and keep track of the whereabouts of the i200's, i240's and 400's but it is a bit of a job to keep on top of where some of them have gone. If anyone has bought one recently or know of the whereabouts, please drop me a line or post something up. We currently have 31 on the register (including cars that have been broken up). Cheers, Paul. OMOC Chairman. Memb no 1679F
  21. Anorak on...... With respect to the 200's and 240's, as far as I know, they were all built as such at the Opel works in Belgium, being provided to the UK in either Polar White or Astro Silver. The Blitz interior was included from new and the chassis build plates indicate these options. The LSD's were also specified from new and fitted at the factory and should be shown on the Chassis plate. Two batches were built, the second larger batch being fitted with the Sliding steel sunroof (as this is what had pretty much become a standard fitment). When they arrived in the UK at the Irmscher Importers in Walsall, the Dizzy's were fitted. Originally Irmscher imported ones were installed but laterly Aldon Automotive modified them for ST sport Parts and these were used instead. This is often why they look the same as standard ones on the later cars, having the Vacuum advance pipes still fitted. The Headlamps were changed for the Irmscher Items and the Decals kits fitted as specified. The Rothmans Striping kits were a no cost option and were fitted to most of the cars. One was known to have been fitted with a Dealer Sport striping kit, in Anthracite and Yellow rather than the Porsche Blue and Red. As for E45 SFK, it was a special order built from an exclusive model by Steve Thompsons in Walsall. It was originally built for one of the brothers. As the Blitz interiors were no longer available from the factory, it came with the Chicago Grey trim. It did however have all of the other Irmscher options including LSD and was fitted with split BBS rims from new. The original spec even included a Kenlowe Electric fan, so they pretty much put everything on it that they could find! The chassis plate shows XR3 - detailing it as a GT/E, which is not evident on the original spec cars. I'd still love to find out more about the Hatchback i200. I know it did exist but whether it was a special order from ST's, I'm not sure. I have spoken to a chap that worked near to the guy who owned it, and apparently, it was a genuine ST car. If anyone has any info on this, please drop me a line. Cheers, Paul. OMOC Chairman
  22. Well, its not strictly speaking a Manta Project - more work done on my every day Calibra. Just had to post a note to Clive to say a huge thanks for the help he has given me sorting out the seat mountings on the Cally. Quite the most superb bit of welding on such a small component...Clive...you da man - the king of bling ! I got in the Calibra to move it off my drive last night - without having the drivers seat installed. It's great fun to drive whilst sat on the floor - believe it or not, you can still see out of the window (well I can anyway). The neighbours defintely think I have a screw loose now - driving up and down the street with no seats in the car, sat on a rolled up jumper! Now all I need is an MOT for the old gal - or I'll be driving the Manta to work and back for a few weeks (which is good enough reason to forgot the MOT to be honest) Anyway, Cheers mate....I owe you one.[][][][][][][] Paul. OMOC Chairman
  23. Hey.....I think it would be a case of "join the queue" to buy that car. Having said that even when Sean owned it all those years ago, it needed quite a bit of welding on the footwell and jacking points so heaven knows what sort of state it will be in by now. Sad....although it is not stricly speaking the last genuine i240 as it was a conversion...(putting my anorak on for a moment there). Cheers, Paul. OMOC Chairman
  24. Hi Dan, Looks like you are fairly local to me then ! Me and the better half quite often come over to Market Harborough doing a bit of shopping on a Saturday....much quieter than Northampton and much lower Chav count. Not often in the Manta but if we are, I park in the Co-op car park in the spaces up the top on their own up by the flats.....the bit where the residents feed the Squirrels ! If you see a Yellow Calibra SE2 parked up there - it is your friendly club Chariman, so do say Hi !! Cheers, Paul. OMOC Chairman
  25. Hi, Could it have been a GT ? I love those little things.....possible the other best car Opel ever built ! They still look so modern and stylish even though they are older than the Manta. Take a look at this link and see if it looked like one of these. Chances are it may not have been as there are not that many on the road in the UK anymore. http://www.allsportauto.com/english/opel_gt_coupe.php Cheers, Paul. OMOC Chairman
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