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  1. 104,000 miles and running badly. Sounds like it probably needs a bottom end rebuild so I wouldn't take this on lightly!
  2. Hi, The part number you need is 90194095 (or Opel part 658096). I have had a quick look in the usual places I find stuff abroad and I cant find any in stock. So, I guess your next choice is to have a look at a decent second hand one over here in the UK. I think the part was used an several Vx/Opel models in the early 80's so you could try looking for a Dipstick from a Petrol Engined Vauxhall Nova (probably the 1.2) or some of the Astra Mk1 or Mk2 models. I just found a second hand Nova one on eBay that looks like it may be similar. You could always remove the rubber bung and fit it to your existing oil level stick. There are a few NOS Astra ones on ebay that have the wrong size dipstick but probably have the right sized rubber bung, so another option I guess.
  3. It looks as though OCP have them in stock Steve http://www.opel-classicparts.de/blechteile-kotflugel/halter.html €5.71 inc VAT For info, if you are looking around: Opel Part 1180210, GM Part Number 02867957
  4. Awesome pics. Brings back some memories of shows every weekend and lots of camping.
  5. When the Opel Manta was launched in 1970, the world was a much simpler place. Fashion and Style - This was a decade when men wore stylish leatherette or Faux Suede and as far as colours were concerned, modern science had discovered a way of imitating the distinctive colour only usually seen when very young calves have an upset tummy. Panache - With every Manta ordered from your main Opel dealership came a guide on how to wear your Leatherette sports jacket over your shoulder, in fact in 1972 a Common Market directive made this compulsory for both men and women. Sex Appeal- Way back in 1970, sexism hadn't been invented and it was important that both men and women were the target of the Opel press machine. In fact it was very important that women realised that they could climb onto the bonnet of their husbands new Manta to perform those simple household chores like cleaning the windows or repairing the roof of the garden shed. Forward Thinking - A little known fact was back in the 1970's due to the power shortages and coal miners strikes, every new car owner was presented with a pair of white nylon slacks for use if they needed to recharge the car battery. 5 minutes of country dancing would produce enough electricity to fully charge a 55Amp hour battery. Environmentally Aware - Even as far back as the early 1970's, Opel recognised the need to preserve wildlife. With every purchase of a new Opel in 1972, the proud new owner was able to choose from a Great Dane for S denoted models, A Black Panther for SR models and African Elephant for all range topping GSI models. It surely must go without saying that naturally, none of this is true but the 70's sure were the most awesome decade!
  6. There have been a few books printed that feature the Manta. Naturally, some of the best ones are from Germany but there are several english language books that are worth picking up, if you can find them. Occasionally, we do find surplus copies of some of these books and will keep a small supply of them in the club shop - click here to visit the shop. Here is a list of some of the known publications: Title & Hyperlinks Publisher ISBN No. Summary Price Guide Supplier Manta A series Haynes 0-85696-157-4 Although some mistakes exist, this is still the definitive Manta A repair guide. The eagle eyed will still find a copy or two at auto jumbles. £5-£15 www.amazon.co.uk Opel Manta-Ascona-Voyage from 1970 Intereurope 0-85666-036-1 Similar in format to the Haynes manual but lighter and less verbose. It still has plenty of data sheets so it makes a good service manual for when you need to check on valve clearances etc. £5 www.amazon.co.uk Ascona & Manta B series 1975 to 1977 Haynes 0-85696-316-X For all 1.6 and 1.9 B series models from 1975-1977. Bear in mind that there is no coverage of fuel injection, 5 speed gearbox or other later Manta refinements. £5-£10 www.amazon.co.uk Vauxhall Cavalier Saloon & Coupe 1975 to 1977 Haynes 0-85696-315-1 For all 1.6 and 1.9 B series models from 1975-1977. £5 www.amazon.co.uk Ascona & Manta B series 1975 to 1988 Haynes 1-85010-578-2 This one covers the lot including the 1.8 ohc engine, 5 speed gearbox, fuel injection and hatchback. £5-£15 www.amazon.co.uk Vauxhall Cavalier/Opel Ascona & Manta 1975-1982 Autodata 0-85666-322-0 For all 1.6, 1.9 & 2.0 litre models from 1975-1982. Bear in mind that there is no coverage of fuel injection, 5 speed gearbox or other later Manta refinements. £5 Opel Wheels to the World Princeton Publishing 0-915038-16-1 Opel's own guide to the history of the company from the early days of bicycles and sewing machines, through two world wars and right up to the front wheel drive range of world cars. £25 Opel Manta 1970-75 Brooklands Books 1-85520-3642 A fine collection of road tests and articles reprinted from contemporary magazines. Note that US, South African and Malaysian variants of the Manta A are featured. £16.99 www.amazon.co.uk Das Grosse Manta Buch Probably the best history of the Manta ever written. However it is currently only available in a German language edition. approx. £50+ www.amazon.co.uk Opel Manta und Ascona 1970 - 1975 Schrader Verlag 3-613-87163-7 Shorter version of the above, covering only the Manta & Ascona A series approx. £10+ www.amazon.co.uk Opel Manta im Test. Manta A und B 1970-1983 Verlag Johannes Kuhny A collection of road tests and articles reprinted from German magazines. £Unknown Opel Manta (1970-1988) Transport Source Books 1-85847-008-0 Another collection of road tests and articles reprinted from contemporary magazines compiled by enthusiast Trevor Alder.. £Unknown www.amazon.co.uk
  7. Opel Manta B series (1981-88) Fact File Produced From: 1981 - 1988 Total Number Produced: 180 304 UK Specifications (1981 onwards) Length overall (in) 175.0 Width overall (in) 66.4 Height overall (in) 52.8 Wheelbase (in) 99.1 Turning circle dia (ft) 32.5 Kerb weight (kg) 1025 (1.8S) 1065 (2.0E) Max allowable (kg) 1465 (1.8S) 1445 (2.0E) Trunk volume (cu ft) 13.4 13.4 Tyre sizes 185/70HR x 13 (1.8S) 195/60SR x 14 (2.0E) Engine 1.8 litre 2.0 litre Number of cylinders 4 4 Bore mm (in) 84.8 (3.34) 95.0 (3.74) Stroke mm (in) 79.5 (3.13) 69.8 (2.75) Piston displacement cc (cu in) 1796 (109.5) 1979 (121.0) Carburettor/Fuelling GM Varijet II Twin Choke Bosch LE Jetronic Fuel Injection Max. output (SAE hp at rpm) 90/5400 110/5400 Max. torque (ft/lb. at rpm) 105.5/3000 119.5/2800-3400 Compression ratio 9.2:1 9.4:1 Engine (refill) (imp pt) 6.2 6.6 Fuel Tank (litres) 50 50 Transmission 5-speed all synchromesh Getrag 240 Sports Gearbox 3-speed automatic optional Body All steel unitary construction Front suspension Independent unequal length wishbones, telescopic dampers, coil springs. Rear suspension Live Axle, trailing arms with panhard rod. Coil springs with telescopic dampers Steering Rack and pinion Brakes Dual Circuit Servo assisted disk/drum Parking brake Mechanical to rear wheels Seat belt anchors Front and rear Steering column Energy absorbing collapsable Body Impact absorbing Brakes Front/Rear 9.7 in discs, Floating Calipers (front) 9.1 in Drums (rear) Fascia Padded, integral switches Warning flashers 4-way emergency Instruments Speedo, Tacho, water temperature, Volt Meter, Oil Pressure, fuel gauge and clock. Controls Heater and fresh air vents. Stalk for flash, dip/main beam, indicators and wipers Barrel switch for head and side lamps. Carpets Colour Coded Carpet as standard Reclining seats Fully reclining as standard Recaro Seats Wipers 2-speed, self parking Reverse lights Automatic twin Steering lock Column mounted Metallic paint Optional Models types available in the UK GTJ: The initial Entry Level Model 1.8S GT : the base model Berlinetta: for luxury & comfort GT/E Sports model GT/E Exclusive i200 i240 i300 Manta 400 Courtenay Turbo Style, Power and a winning pedigree By Paul Brennecker The last variation of the Opel Manta was a modernised version of the preceeding model. In 1981 the range was revitalised for the last time and a new engine option added. The 1.8 litre LET (Low end torque) Over head Cam engine was offered initially in the new Manta GTJ and Berlinetta. The exisiting 2.0 litre, which now included Bosch Fuel injection, made a return later in 1982 in the form of the GT/E. Several bodywork changes were made, with integral deep front spoiler and Rear spoilers on both the Hatchback and Coupe models. All traces of chrome had now dissappeared to bring the Manta in line with the 'clean' trend of the eighties. The new model featured many mechanical enhancements, which made the Manta a market leader in certain areas. A 5 speed gearbox was offered as standard on UK models and the level of instrumentation was increased to give every model an oil pressure gauge and volt meter. The ignition was now electronic on all models, helping to increase the specified service interval considerably. Style and Panache The facelifted Manta still owed much of its running gear to the more mainstream models, such as the Opel Ascona, (or the Vauxhall Cavalier in the UK), but the new styling components made the car look much more 'modern'. The colour -keyed wrap around bumpers, front and rear spoilers and sports wheels gave the car a new look. The addition of tinted glass and a front windscreen with a graduated 'shadeband' also echoed the styling trends of the day. The front nose cone now sported 4 small slots, as opposed to the 2 larger ones of the preceeding model. This helped to improve cooling efficiency and also made the car an imposing sight in your rear view mirror ! In all the Manta had come of age and was considered by many, to be at the forefront of Coupe design and technology. The new Model now had an astonishingly low drag coefficient. Model Drag Coeffiecient (Cd) Coupe 0.36 Hatchback 0.37 A Gripping Performer Manta roadholding and overall handling precision are sharp and responsive. A finely tuned coil and spring suspension set up, incorporating anti-roll bars, strikes the perfect balance between comfort and grip, a balance that most manufacturers seem to have forgotten how to acheive nowadays. Sensitive and accurate rack and pinon steering has just the right amount of feel to keep you informed of road wheel behaviour. Many leasons learnt running the successful Manta 400 International Rally car, were put into the design of the road car styling and roadholding ability. High Performer With 2 brand new engine options and the styling enhancements, the new Opel Manta had the performance to match its low sleek lines. Both options offered very respectable performance in its day. The 1.8 litre GT developed 90% of its engine torque at just 2000 revs, utilising a clever cross flow cylinder head design. The flagship GT/E symbolised Manta power and pace with a respectable 0-60 time of just 8.5 seconds. Several tuned varints were also available including the i200 and i240. These were made by special order from Irmscher UK, based in Walsall. Opel Sport Cloth trim came as a standard fitment along with Manta 400 Halogen quad Headlamps and deep air spoiler at the rear. Other options that were offered were Limited Slip Differential, Big Valve Head and uprated suspension. The Manta had the option for many different levels of performance Model Capacity (cc) Compression ratio BHP @ rpm Torque (lb/ft) 1.8S 1796 9.2:1 90/5400 105.5/3000 2.0E 1979 9.4:1 110/5400 119.5/2800-3400 i200 1979 9.4:1 125/7800 163/4700 i240 2396 9.4:1 136/5000 206/4100 Manta 400 (road) 2410 9.7:1 144/5200 210/3800 Options GM Strasbourg automatic transmission was available as an alternative to the standard five-speed manual. The transmission choice is basically down to what you prefer as they are both good, the automatic being more lively than you would expect. Other options available were Sliding steel sunroof, headlamp wash-wipe, rear wiper to name a but few. Many of these items were later incorporated into the range as standard. Opinions Not surprisingly the Manta collected quite a few bouquets along the way. Autocar magazine said : "....it provides a typically refined GM package at a price which is more than competitive with its rivals.... in the performance car value-for-money stakes, the Manta GTE is now one of the front runners." Motor magazine gave the Manta the thumbs-up with: "It's still hard to think of any rival that can match it's combination of practicality, roominess and stylish looks, let alone its new found economy and refinement...... And on top of that it's damn good fun thanks to punchy performance, an exquisite gearchange, and terrific handling.....nice one Opel!" 1.8S GTJ Manta The 1.8S GTJ was the base model for the revitalised range. It featured the new 1.8 litre OHC engine with a basic level of trim. This model was only available for 12 months, after which time it was supersceeded by the standard 1.8S GT 1.8S GT Manta The Base level model as from 1982. It had a slightly better level of trim than the previous GTJ model and again was powered by the new GM 1.8L OHC engine. It gave the Manta a respectable level of performance and good fuel economy Manta Berlinetta (1981 onwards) Following on from previous Opel ranges, the new facelifted Manta also sported the Berlinetta name. Once again it was the extra comfort model with better soundproofing and a more luxurious trim level as standard. Manta GT/E The fuel injected GT/E become the model that most people associate with the Manta. It was a very well appointed model, the 2.0 litre engine gave superb performance and the stylish Recaro Interior that was introduced for this model gave the car an even sportier feel. Offered in 2 body styles and many colours, this model was very well received by the public. Manta GT/E Exclusive The GT/E Exclusive was the final incarnation of the Opel Manta. It was initially made as a special edition model by Irmscher, the Opel owned Styling and Tuning company. This model featured specially moulded Twin Headlamps, (the first car to sport such items) and a rear spoiler on the coupe, derived from the Manta 400 rally car. All the modifications were cosmetic, but it gave the final years of Manta production a new lease of life. Manta 1.8S Exclusive The 1.8 Exclusive Hatch was the replacement for the GT. It was the final model available with the OHC engine and hatchback body style. Featuring the twin headlamps and a revised level of trim, it offered great value for money. It remained in production for just 12 months but was sold in quite large numbers begging the question why the such a popular model was ceased. Special Edition Models Manta i200 The i200 was a strictly limited edition model, converted by Irmscher GmBH to homologate the Opel Manta into the FISA group B rally category. The 2.0l engine received special treatment to increase the power output to 136 bhp. The front square headlamps were replaced by a pair of twin lamp pods and a large rear spoiler was added, both taken directly from the Opel Manta 400 model. A completely new interior was fitted featuring an Opel Blitz design fabric on the Recaro seats. The models were considerably more expensive that a standard GT/E at the time and this, very few of these cars were ever made in RHD. Due to the i200's status as a fully paid up member of Group B, they have become very collectable. Manta i240 TTe i240 Manta was another Limited edition model, from the Irmscher stable. It was not homologated into any FISA category and as such was made as a road going high performance model. The exisiting 2.0l engine was increased to 2.4l and the injection system uprated to cope with the extra fuelling required. Many other uprated components were available to order although the Opel Blitz interior was also fitted as standard, along with twin headlamps and a Manta 400 rear spoiler. Many of these cars were also fitted with the Irmscher 'Road' bodykit. This model was even more expensive than the i200. Only a handful were ever imported to the UK Manta i300 This Model, another Irmscher developed car, was offered with the GM straight six 3.0l engine, a logical choice for improved performance. It was the first 6 cylinder Manta available since the TE2800 of some 15 years previously. To accommodate the larger engine, several modifications had to be made to the front subframe and many uprated components had to be used. This made the cost of the i300 very high. The performance however was worth every penny ! This is the rarest of the Irmscher models with only one known example being imported into the UK Manta 400 The Manta 400 was the jewel in the Opel crown of the 1980's. It was the full blown rally example being, like the i200, homologated into the FISA Group B rally category. The road going version was fitted with a twin cam 2.4 litre engine, derived from an Opel Rekord diesel bottom end fitted with a specially designed cross flow Cosworth Cylinder head. Power in tuned rally form, could top 400bhp, but in the road form it was much tamed. The road going versions were also fitted with the Opel Blitz interior and featured as standard a Limited Slip Differential and a rally sport gearbox. It was generally regarded as being the best normally aspirated rear wheel drive car of its time and its considered by most to be the Holy Grail of Manta ownership. Courtenay Turbo When Chris Courtenay got hold of a Manta in the mid eighties, he breathed fire into it and another legend was born ! The Courtenay Turbo Manta was an aftermarket conversion, but is still worth a mention due to its high quality of construction and phenonemal power output. By chaning the compression ratio and fitting a turbocharger, the Manta had power to spare. The clever use of an electonic boost mechanism, frequently coppled with water injection, made the car powerful but still driveable everyday. Several examples exist in the UK of this firebreathing Manta.
  8. Overview The i300 was produced from 1984 along side the i200 and i240, It was fitted with the straight 6, 3.0 litre engine taken from the larger Opel models such as the Omega. In 1982 Irmscher had some unfinished Manta 400 bodyshells, which featured a different suspension arrangement more suited to a heavier running gear and the idea of the i300 was born. Using the heavier 3.0 litre engine and the sturdier Getrag 265 gearbox from the Omega and Monza mated to the Manta 400 chassis, the i300 was a rare and unusual model, with a potent powertrain. Once again the Manta 400 Rally car quad Halogen headlamps and boot spoiler were used. The standard suspension was extensively modified to accept the heavier engine. As per the i240, the standard front brakes were replaced by vented discs with bigger calipers, and a Limited Slip Differential was also fitted. The i300 Interior, followed on with the traditional Irmscher theme using Recaro seats with the same black 'Opel Sport' cloth as featured in the other models.Generally the coupe bodystyle was left unaltered, making the i300 visually similar to a standard GT/E. The performance of this model however was exceptional, with 177 bhp on tap in standard tune. Many tuning options were available to order, which could increase power output to over 200 bhp. Once again the methods of identification are similar to the i200 and the i240. The i300 was available at the same time as the other Irmscher offerings but due to the fact that it was almost double the list price of a standard GT/E it only sold in small numbers. It is believed that only 1 RHD i300 was imported via the UK franchise, even on the continent it was an exceptionally rare model with only 9 models known to have been built. This makes the i300 not only the most powerful production Manta ever made but also the rarest. Identifying Features 2969cc 6 Cyl Fuel Injected engine. High Lift Cam with Solid Lifters Sports Distributor Recaro seats with Opel Sport Cloth Trim Irmscher Leather steering wheel (option) i300 Graphics Irmscher Road body kit (option) Four Halogen Headlamps Manta 400 rear spoiler Green tinted glass Opening rear quarter windows Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust
  9. Overview The i240 was produced during 1984 and 1986 along side the i200, although it was never offered for FISA group B homologation. In much the same way as the i200's were built, the i240's were special orders from the Opel production line and left the Antwerp factory in Polar White or Astro Silver, with the Blitz Interior already fitted. They were then transported to Remshalden for further conversion work. The i240 was again based on the GT/E coupe but featured a larger 2.4 litre engine. Manta 400 Rally car quad Halogen headlamps were once again used, complemented by the Manta 400 deep boot spoiler.The standard package included a 2396cc engine with high lift cam, solid lifters, uprated valve springs, gas flowed head and re-mapped distributor to increase power to 136bhp and loads of usable torque (210 lbs/ft at 3800 rpm). To cope with the extra power, the standard front brakes were replaced by vented discs with bigger calipers, a Limited Slip Differential was also frequently fitted. The Recaro seats used the same black 'Opel Sport' cloth as featured in the other Irmscher models. Another fitted option was the Irmscher 'Road' body kit, which flared the arches out to give a more aggresive stance. As the i240 was fitted with Quad Headlamps from new, the headlamp wash wipe was not applicable and as such the front airdam was not fitted with washer jets. The chassis build plate should not feature the model code for the GT/E, which was XR3. The i240 was only in production for 2 years from 1985 and only sold in very small numbers from the UK Irmscher franchise, Steve Thompson Cars Ltd, of Walsall. It is believed that 7 RHD i240's were imported during this period, all of which were Coupes. Irmscher could also convert existing cars to the i200/i240 specifications. Only 37 i240's were built by Irmscher and only 6 of them were UK Specification RHD cars. A final i240 was built entirely in the UK by Steve Thompson Cars Limited in 1988, and this car was converted from a UK Specification Exclusive from new, bringing the UK total to 8 cars. This low number was due in no small part to the high cost of this special edition. In 1985, a new GT/E Manta was £7995 - the i240 was 30% dearer at £10,995. Due to the low numbers and rarity of this model, it is a highly collectable and sought Manta after nowadays. Identifying Features 2396cc Fuel Injected engine, with Irmscher Stroker Crank and Pistons Opel 2.2 specification Cylinder Head with 41mm Exhaust and 45mm Inlet Valves High Lift Cam with Solid Lifters (as per i200) Sports Distributor (as per i200) Recaro seats with Opel Sport Cloth Trim Irmscher Leather steering wheel (option) i240 Graphics Irmscher Road body kit Four Halogen Headlamps Manta 400 rear spoiler Green tinted glass Opening rear quarter windows Polar White or Astro Silver Paint Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust
  10. Overview The i200 was produced from 1984 to 1986 and was launched as a limited edition Group B FISA homologated model by Opel tuning and styling house, Irmscher. In Total, 477 i200 models were built by Irmscher. They took batches of specially ordered Mantas direct from the Opel production line in Antwerp and shipped them to Remshalden, the home of the Irmscher works, where many subtle changes were made. They arrived as either Polar White or Astro Silver cars, and already had the Opel Cloth seats fitted at the Opel Factory. These cars were built on the same production line as the standard GT/E but due to the differences in spec, they were not designated as such. Upon arrival at Irmscher, the Manta 400 Rally car quad Halogen headlamps and a deep boot spoiler were fitted along with the various mechanical upgrades. The standard package included a high lift cam, solid lifters, uprated valve springs and re-mapped distributor to increase power output by some 15 bhp. UK specification cars were generally fitted with a gas flowed cylinder head which gave the i200 136 bhp. Many other options were available such as a big valve head and Limited Slip Differential. As the car was usually built to order, the specification was dictated by how much could be spent. A new cloth trim was introduced, with the Recaro seats being decorated in black 'Opel Sport' cloth. Similar to the Road Manta/Ascona 400 seats with Black seat backs, the i200 version had grey, lightening the interior. The Blitz interior is the biggest clue as to the whether the car is an original. Many 'look alike' models appeared but did not feature the mechanical modifications. This interior option was only ever available on genuine Irmscher Cars, and as such is highly collectable now. A 'no cost option' was the fitment of a Rothmans decal set, to celebrate their sponsorship of the Dealer Opel team. A limited edition Opel Sport version of the decal kit was also released but it is the Rothmans Blue / Red / Gold striping kit that most people associate with the car. As the i200 was fitted with Quad Headlamps from new (in the UK), the headlamp wash wipe was not applicable and as such the front airdam was not fitted with washer jets. The chassis build plate should also show the factory code for the Blitz Trim interior (188) and not the code for the other variants of trim available. The model code for the GT/E, which surprisingly was XR3, is not present on the genuine i200 build plate. It was possible to have a standard GT/E converted to i200 specification by purchasing the upgrade kit from Irmscher. Several of these conversions are know to the club. They do not feature the Blitz interior however, as this was made in very small numbers and was not available as an aftermarket item. The i200 was only in production for 2 years and only sold in relatively small numbers from the UK Irmscher franchise, Steve Thompson Cars Ltd, of Walsall. It is believed that 30-35 Right Hand Drive i200's were built out of the total of 477. All of these were Coupe's although there are rumours that a Hatchback version exists. Within the club Irmscher Register, 16 Genuine UK examples survive, making this a rare and collectable edition. Identifying Features 1979CC Fuel Injected engine. High Lift Cam with Solid Lifters (creating more engine noise than a GT/E) Sports Distributor (originally came with an Irmscher sticker attached) Recaro seats with Opel Sport Cloth Trim Irmscher Leather 4 spoke steering wheel (option) i200 Graphics Rothmans Sport Striping Kit Ronal alloy wheels (other wheels were available as a cost option from new - Revolutions RFX and BBS) Four Halogen Headlamps - (different to later GT/E models, the lamps are located in a steel cradle) Manta 400 rear spoiler - (thinner than the later Exclusive 3 piece spoiler) Green tinted glass Opening rear quarter windows Sill Extensions in body colour Polar White or Astro Silver paint Irmscher Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust (single or twin tailpipe with Irmscher logo)
  11. In 1980, Vauxhall designers built a one-off prototype special Cavalier Sportshatch in metallic silver, hence the name "Silver Aero". The car made its public debut in October 1980 at the NEC Motor Show on the Vauxhall stand. The idea of the Silver Aero project was to offer existing Sportshatch owners / buyers the chance to upgrade their cars to Silver Aero spec in three phases. Phase 1 This was a sports interior. there were a pair of black leather Recaro seats with electrically controlled backrest cushions and lumbar supports. Grey carpeting with black and white trim and door panels featuring special graphics gave a modern look to the interior. A Voxon radio / cassette (expensive in 1980) was incorporated into a special centre console. Phase 2 This phase addressed the exterior with a special bodykit made of glass fibre and included a nose cone, lower front spoiler with built in fog lamps and indicators, mouldings on the sills and full underbody skirting. A spoiler was fitted to the tailgate while a special rear spoiler with built in bumper was found on the rear valance. All exterior glass mouldings were in matt black. Compomotive alloy wheels with 215/60x15 Goodyear tyres finished the package. Phase 3 The main feature of this package was the 2.4 litre turbocharged engine which produced 150bhp. This was built by WBB (Racing) Ltd. and Turbo Torque Ltd. Special vents were let into the bonnet to dissipate the turbo heat. Sadly the project did not get past the one-off prototype. The car still survives today with less than 25,000 miles on the clock.
  12. Ive got some photos from the open day at Ellesmere Port, I was there in my i200. Memorable day out and I remember Jays car well.
  13. A666 MFC has been the subject of a little bit of chat recently on here and on the Farcebook group. Ive not seen the car for a while but I understand that it is in a good state of repair and has been well looked after recently. Go on.......you know it makes sense!
  14. Blimey - I've never seen a Clutch Plate go like that before. I've certainly taken a few out that were well down to the metal but not breaking up. Good job you had the cover plate off. Its good to see that the hard work is paying off now Chris - all those years of not having a Manta at shows and now you have one to be proud of again. All the little shake down jobs that you have been doing should mean that you have one well sorted A series for the summer. Chuffed for you mate.
  15. Grand - Im glad that you guys still have the car and that it is in the UK still.....it is probably worth spending some money on to get it up to MOT standard, at the very least. Apologies I missed out on this thread on here, I was busy discussing the same thing on Facebook (which is something I very rarely do as I think that it devalues the forum a little bit). I have lots of history of this car and over the years have spoken to various owners. It certainly had an interesting life and was converted when new at AGJ Opel Dealers in Pontefract. C878 DWU may also have carried the reg number A40 GRT at some stage, although when and why is not documented on my records (Paul C - you may be able to advise us on that one). As far as I am aware, the engine conversion would have been completed on this car, so it should have had the replacement Dizzy, New cam, Solid Lifters etc - it should sound like a bag of spanners if it this is the case and the exhaust should pop and burble a little too. It would definitely be notcably different from a standard GT/E. I would be interested to hear whether or not the solid lifters are still there. I have heard of some owners swapping them out for Hydraulics, as they can be quite noisy. The Irmscher Rubber cover was designed to cut down on this noise from the rocker cover and if that is still fitted - it is a rare thing indeed. I have a picture of this on the car, taken many years ago when it resided in South Wales. I have a note on file that the original owner had Irmscher Springs fitted and also an LSD, so there was obviously some money thrown at it when it was new. It probably won't be quite a collectable as an Original Irmscher i200 but would certainly be of more interest to a collector as something a bit non standard.
  16. Hi Dimitri, Sorry, I thought I had replied to your last email. I posted the three calendars off to Athens, as per your instructions on the 16th December and they still have not arrived. I am in thw process of packing to move house at the moment, so I have had to close the club shop as all of the merchandise is in storage and I do not have any spare time to pack and send anything out, so apologies to anyone that is waiting to order items. i have checked with the post service and they cannot find where the package went missing as it was dispatched from the UK I will arrange for a refund for you as that is probably all that can be done now I’m afraid. Sincere apologies. I should be able to claim back the cost from the post office, which is good as I funded this project myself. regards, paul
  17. When I've finished with the House Move Danny, I will start to trawl through all my old photos and get them scanned. Im trying out a few photo scanning apps at the moment to see which ones work the best. I've just deleted Photomyne as the "free" app wanted to start charging me after 3 days....no mention of that in the App write up and that really fecks me off. I'm sure I must have some of your car from 20+ years ago!
  18. That went for peanuts considering that car has some history. As ChrisB says, it was bought new by Anne Norris (OMOC Member number 1) and she kept it original for many years. I followed it on several occasions all around Europe and up and down the M6 to shows in the North West. It would look so much better with the correct era plates on though but each to their own. Whoever picked that car up has managed to get a little bit of OMOC history. It was at the first OMOC meeting ever held, and also at the first Concour's at the Buckby Lion Inn, Northants(1986?).....when it was less than 12 months old! It has been to countless Opel shows around Europe and regularly went with Anne to Switzerland every year for some enthusiastic driving up and down some famous mountain passes. It has lived an interesting life, so its great that it is still about. Has anyone told Anne I wonder? I may write to her and let her know (she doesn't really "do" computers). Here is Anne with A666 in the early 90's at the Kit Car Show. I believe this may have been the year with the Fiesta XR2 ended up in the pond, across from where we were camping!
  19. Yep, I have a couple spare. Drop me a pm with your email.
  20. I found this picture in an old Manta Magic. For those of you that have joined the club in the last 10 years, this is what an OMOC Concours event looked like back in the 90’s.
  21. I think some of those cars were probably European, we used to get a lot of visitors from The Netherlands back then. The i200 is definitely still about......it’s in my garage! It had just come out of the bodyshop before that event. I remember putting the i200 decals on the night before, as I packed the tent,
  22. It’s a bit hotter than a Scotch Bonnet I think.... I’ll get my coat....
  23. Thanks to everyone that ordered a Calendar, appreciated. Everyone that has paid had their Calendar posted out via First Class mail this morning, so you should have a little package arrive within 2 days. Apologies as I had meant to get them posted out on Monday but the snow over the weekend meant that my plans changed a bit. I ended up working from home, (and didn't leave the house all day as it was too bleedin' cold!) Paul B x 2 PAID & SENT TheRealExile x 1 PAID & SENT Roy Vd Werf x 2 PART PAID Jock Ramsay x 2 PAID & SENT Charlie Cooper x 2 PAID & SENT Dimpas x 2 PAID & SENT Mick Harbidge x1 PAID & SENT Steve Sutton x 2 PAID & SENT Justin House x 1 PAID & SENT Julian x 1 PAID & SENT mantai200 x 1 PAID & SENT If anyone else would like one for the New Year, I still have one or two left over......otherwise I am going to have to have a few for myself and send them out as Christmas presents otherwise!
  24. Paul B x 2 PAID TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 PAID Charlie Cooper x 2 PAID Dimpas x 2 PAID Mick Harbidge x1 PAID Steve Sutton x 2 Justin House x 1 PAID Julian x 1 PAID mantai200 x 1 PAID Total = 17
  25. Sorted - I've added you onto the list Kev. I will send you a Paypal request shortly.
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