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  1. That’s an idea! Might chat to Alan about what he could do for us.
  2. Many Thanks to those that have paid so promptly. I hope to be posting them out on Friday. Julian - I have added you to the list and have sent you a payment request this evening. Paul B x 2 PAID TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 PAID Charlie Cooper x 2 PAID Dimpas x 2 Mick Harbidge x1 PAID Steve Sutton x 2 Justin House x 1 PAID Julian x 1 PAID Total = 16
  3. Just as a Final Reminder, I have ordered the 2018 OMOC Calendars and I have confirmed orders for most of them. I have over ordered slightly (to try and bring the price down a bit) so have about 5 going spare. I will be sending out the PayPal emails today regarding payment, so please keep an eye out for that when it arrives. Price is now £12.50 including postage and packing to a UK address. There is still time to let me know if you would like one. So far, the confirmed orders are: Paul B x 2 TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 Charlie Cooper x 2 Dimpas x 2 Mick Harbidge x1 Steve Sutton x 2 Justin House x 1 Total of 15
  4. We have made Calendars before, and they have gone down well with some members but others are just plainly not interested. I think for that reason it would be a waste of club funds to make them for everyone - admittedly they would be much cheaper if we did a bulk buy but not a great deal of point if half of them never see the light of day. To be honest, the club funds are better spent on paying for Liability insurance, printing and posting the magazine, web hosting fees and promoting the club at various national events. We aim to have surplus funds to enable the club to run for a period of 12 months without any income, so we do keep the bank account sitting at around £5k for this purpose. Current standard prices for 10+ copies of an A4 Calendar are £13.50 on Vistaprint, plus cost of an envelope (£0.90) and postage (£1.30), which puts the price at over £15. There are various discount codes available to bring the order costs down but things are never quite a straightforward as they initially seem. That also doesn't take into account anyone's time or effort in putting the designs together, taking them to the post office and sending them out. With regards to copyright, 8 of the images in this years calendar have been taken by myself, plus a few taken from Opel Brochure images, (which we as a club are permitted to use). We are usually pretty careful about that but thanks for the advice! So - the good news is that as we have now over 10 orders, the price has come down to £12.50 for club members. I have put the order in and they should be available at the end of this week. I will email the members who have already contacted me about placing an order and arrange for them to be sent out. I will have a small surplus, so if anyone else is interested, please leave your name on this thread. We have: Paul B x 2 TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 Charlie Cooper x 2 Dimpas x 2 Mick Harbidge x1
  5. Hi Aimee, i remember when your dad owned the i240. If I recall he sold it to a guy called Paul Jinks in Coventry who had the car for a number of years. I was interested in buying from Paul back in the late 90’s but lack of storage space and 3 other Mantas scuppered that plan! When Paul sold it, it went over to Ireland, where I believe it has stayed since then. Nice car and certainly in good shape still from what I have seen.
  6. Paul B x 2 TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 Charlie Cooper x 2 Dimpas x 2 So far - that's 11 required. There is still time to order one, so please let me know this week if you would like an OMOC calendar for Christmas. If we get a few more orders, the price will come down a bit.
  7. Paul B x 2 TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2
  8. I'll start the thread off: Paul B x 2 TheRealExile x 1
  9. Hi, I am thinking about getting some calendars made up for 2018 and wondered if there would be many takers? If you are interested in one, please add your name to the thread below and if we have enough to make it viable, then I will go ahead with an order for some. Ideally, I need a minimum of 10 orders. I would like to get the order done by the end of November, so they can be sent out in time for Christmas, so please register your interest now. I can set this up as an item on the club shop if there is enough interest, so you can pay with Paypal if we go ahead. They will be an A4 sized wall hanging calendar with various Manta pictures of A's, B's and C's - so something for everyone. I have attached a couple of sample images so that you get the idea. They are bound with a metal spiral binding, so good quality. I had 10 made up for friends for Christmas last year, and they went down very well. Price would be £15 each but if we get a larger number of orders, then price will come down by a few pounds.
  10. He's been to a few meetings in the past I believe, so you never know. It would be nice to see the road car again. I've not seen it for a few years now and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.
  11. I believe so..... (I tend not to name folks on the forum however, at least not without their permission.) Personally, I think having 3 400's is possibly a bit greedy and he needs to let the road car go to a new loving home. Im quite prepared to stump up the asking price quoted in the summer '94 edition of Manta Magic!!!!
  12. Glad there are a few of us on the same wavelength Sam!
  13. This is a really excellent 400 and I'd be amazed if it doesn't smash its rather conservative estimate. This particular car was converted to RHD in Ireland by Pentlands Vauxhall dealers when it was virtually new. Original parts were used for the conversion and even under close inspection is is very hard to tell that it is anything other than totally standard, such is the quality of the conversion. On the topic of RHD Manta 400's, there was never really an "official" RHD version. Tony Fall had a RHD Manta 400 commissioned for Vauxhall to evaluate in 1982, with a view to it becoming a road production version. It was a special "one off" order from the Opel factory and when it arrived in the UK it was registered as DPP 117Y. From what I gather, there was little appetite for this to enter the Vauxhall model line up and the car ended up in the storage area of W Grose Vauxhall in Northampton, where it stayed for a number of years covered in dust (they were one of the original DOT dealerships). In 1990, DPP 117Y was purchased by Thurlby Motors in Lincolnshire who bought it along with all the associated paperwork and notes relating to the meetings that were held with GM executives about the project. It was professionally restored and spent the rest of its life in the Dealership showroom, as possibly the most awesome exhibit ever. Richard Walsh (the owner and still very active boss of Thurlby Motors) is a petrolhead through and through and has had various interesting cars and projects come through the doors over the years. When the dealership decided that they needed to free up This car was for sale via the OMOC magazine in 1994 for an amazing £12k (Oh hindsight etc etc). It was sold to another dealership up in Scotland I believe and sometime later, into private ownership. Being a 1982 car, it is a "pre Facelift" shell with a two slot front end and 2 air intakes on the scuttle panel. If I recall, it also has the earlier Blitz Interior, which makes it a very interesting and very rare beast indeed! If I could pick a favourite Manta from any that I have seen in the 29 years of being a member of this club, it would without a doubt be DPP 117Y and I am always slightly eaten away knowing that I could have bought this car 23 years ago.
  14. Glad it helped. I've reproduced this article to go into the next edition of Manta Magic, for the benefit of (and I'm wanting to type "Mr Kite" here)....non web members. :-)
  15. Hi Clive, great to have you back on here mate and as a paid up member too. Its interesting to see your custom solutions plants crop up from time to time.......they have reached legendary status in much the same way as Trevor Lewis bonnets! Hope you find a nice white GTE hatch as I can see you making a real nice job of that. I agree that they were once the epitome of what a Manta is all about and hatches don’t tend to get the same attention as coupes anymore. Hope to catch up some time soon. Get your butt over to a midlands pub meet one Friday and chew the cud. Cheers for now, Paul.
  16. Enjoying seeing your work Mike. Keep it up and let us know how it’s going. Great to see such attention to detail.
  17. Personally, I really like the Ice Blue, really suits the coupe and is a bit different. Not surprised it attracts attention as it really stands out. Like Monaco Blue says, I don’t think it will detract from the value, especially if it is a nice paint job and you certainly sound like the man to get that sorted properly. If it were me, I’d keep it that colour and that is coming from someone that usually loves originality! be great to see you at a meeting at some stage in the future. Love to see the car in the flesh too. Regards, Paul.
  18. Hi Cordell and welcome to the forum. There are a few members in the area and one of our active forum members lives in Woburn Sands. I'm sure Ian will pop along and say hello at some stage. I'm only up in Northants, so a short trip up the A5. If that's your Manta, it's a great colour. Looks fantastic. Cheers, Paul.
  19. Me thinks this will exceed the rather conservative auction estimate
  20. I've always been a fan of Costume Exhaust Piles myself.......
  21. I have a set of Magnecor leads Ben, and they are superb quality. They are £75 a set mind so they should be. They still make them to order: http://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/magnecor-ht-ignition-lead-set-45355
  22. Once again.......food for thought for those that reckon Mantas don't fetch good money.
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