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  1. The White GT/E Coupe for sale on Car and Classic site is lovely. Looks like only a bit of minor tidying required, so not a massive restoration to tackle. A serious time warp car with only 30k on the clock. There is something about white coupes! Check it out here http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C905736
  2. Thanks is one seriously lovely coupe. Wish I had space! More pics up now and that interior looks mint.
  3. Very nice job and a lovely colour too. Nice that the mods that have been made are all reversible, good thinking on the owners part there as it will appeal to more buyers that way. If it was a coupe, I could see that easily making £15k, be interesting to see what it sells for.
  4. Danny is right - any sort of Manta is making good money now. Just look at the '85 GT/E Hatch on eBay at the moment. It has got to £10k already and not made its reserve. It is the other end of the spectrum to this one I know but goes to show what a properly sorted car is worth to the right person. I know if I had room, I would be putting in an offer for that one. Auto hatch less desirable but as Dan says, they all go in the end. Getting rare to find now and people will take on resto jobs that would have been turned down a few years back. Converting to manual is also a doddle and shouldn't be that hard to find all the second hand parts if you want to take it away from standard.
  5. Welcome to all Manta Enthusiasts! Whether you just have a passing interest in the Opel Manta or you want to know a little more about the cars or the club, or whether you are a committed Manta owner and have joined the forum to spend some time with like minded people, I hope you enjoy your stay on the Forum. I'm sure you will find it pretty easy to navigate around but if you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a note using the "Contact Us" section found in your menu bar at the top of the page. Enjoy your stay and come back soon! Warm Regards, Paul Brennecker, OMOC Chairman.
  6. We were staying in Chickerell, just down the road a while back. Even went to Abbotsbury to photograph the Swans! Just goes to show that their are a few out there still. A few years back (before marriage I hasten to add), I got quite freindly with a barmaid from our local pub. She lived with her grandparents on a farm and one day, when I was picking her up for work she dragged me off into one of the barns.....(I thought I was quids in)..... but it turned out to be an early Blue Berlinetta, which had been stored for many years. It had about 40k on the clock and was in lovely condition. Long since gone - I've checked but I always wonder about what happened to that one as she was a beauty..........and the Berlinetta was nice too. ;-)
  7. Risse Motorsport do a headgasket set that cures this I believe. I've still not had the time to sit down and work out the compressions ratios though, so if anyone has any thoughts on that - it woudl be handy.
  8. Well Im glad that my original comment about the rod ratio was correct. I was only repeating what I had been told from a very experienced engine builder and also one of my friends who has worked at the local Vauxhall dealership since the 1980's. I can see exactly what Lampchop is talking about on the bores of the 2.4 crankcase I have in the garage at the moment. Its not something that you can show in a photo really but in the flesh it is evident. Ive been oggling those Woosner pistons for a while and have started to look at the cost of the re-bore and piston set. At least they come with new rings and Gudgeon pins, so it almost seems like a bargain when compared to installing piston liners. Looks like I can take those orthopaedic shoes back then........
  9. Hi Eckhard - Thanks for posting. That is great news for us in the UK and thanks very much for providing us with this service. I know that Wolfgang doesnt support Paypal and sending international money orders can be quite a lot of hassle. Much Appreciated. Regards, Paul.
  10. I'm planning to pass at least one of my Mantas on to my Son......keep the dream alive!
  11. The pictures should all be loaded across to the forum by now.. Stuart told me that as they are viewed, they will get copied across and that should probably have completed by now as the web crawlers should have done the hard work for us and viewed pretty much everything on the site. Happy days.
  12. It's certainly a bit different to th Centaur. In a way, I prefer the lines on this more and this one does look like it has been well cared for. I note it has sold now, so someone thought it was worth the asking price. And people say mantas aren't fetching good money at the moment......pah!
  13. Hi Bjorn, i think that the original camshafts are still available from Enem ( who are also based in Sweden) Have a look at the website - http://enem.se/ib.asp regards, Paul.
  14. Is it complete with the bottom fixing points? If so, I'd be happy to take that one off your hands. Many thanks.
  15. Fair point Kev but the second hand ones are usually scrap and for the relatively small cost of set up, I'm sure there would be more of a demand for these cheaper parts than for rear quarter panels. It was just a thought to test the process really so that we can see how it goes.
  16. Hello matey, thanks for replying. I'm not in a desparate hurry....any time in the next few weeks is fine with me so if you are going near one of the garages within the next little while, that would be fine with me. Cheers very much.
  17. I'm Like the man in orthopaedic shoes Mantadoc........I stand corrected!
  18. Hi, Has anyone got a B series 4 speed gear lever spare? I need it for measurements etc so doesn't need to be mint, just complete. Ta v much.
  19. What do you reckon Chris? One to dip our toe in the water with regards to remanufacture?
  20. From what I've been lead to believe from both my engine builder friend and some of the most knowledgable folk in this esteemed club, the problem is a combination of both the longer stroke and short piston skirt, Stands to reason really. The 2.4 has a bore of 95mm and a stroke of 85mm, compared to the 2.0 which has the same bore but a much shorter 69.8mm stroke. The pistons skirts can break too, so be wary of this issue too. I have a 2.4 in pieces in the garage at the moment, so it's interesting to see the wear in the block. It's been causing me headaches for some time now.
  21. The thing to be wary of with the C24NE engine is that the long stroke of the crank causes some serious wear on the bores on higher milage engines. By that, I mean any lump with over 50k miles is probably going to have slightly oval bores, which of course leads to poor combustion and loss of power/torque - which is the reason you go for this engine in the first place. It obviously not a problem if you are going to have the engine rebuilt but the choice would then be whether to go with oversized pistons (both Mahle and Wossner produce them) - http://www.tjmotorsport.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=K9006 ......or possibly look at getting the bottom end fitted with piston liners, such as the ones available from Westwood. That way, you keep the original pistons but have the expense of extra work on the boring and fitting of the liners. I think you also have to use special running in oil with these too - not checked up on this option much as I prefer the replacement piston option. I guess it depends what you want to do with the car in the longer term. If you are going to use it as a weekend warrior and not do too many miles, then the new pistons option is probably sensible. If it is going to take you 25 years to clock up the next 50k miles, then thats good value for money. If you intend to use the car a lot, then the liners are probably a better option as they are harder wearing than the cast block. Another option is to look at a well tuned 2.2 from a Carlton. Improved torque over the standard 2.0 and without the long stroke crank problems. Ive currently got both engines to look over and cant decide which way to go. The 2.2 is the cheaper option, so may be the interim one for me! As for gearboxes, the standard Getrag 240 should be fine for either option but you could also look at a 265 and a 9" clutch (as opposed to the 8.5" GT/E set up)....although probably not necessary for the power output.....just a nicer box! Hope this gives you some ideas to think about. I'm in this same quandary at the moment.
  22. Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show on Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th March 2018 NEC Birmingham. Just to let you all know, I have submitted the application for for this show to the orgnaisers today. Save the date in your Diaries for next year. As this is a rapidly expanding show, (Its officially the fastest growing Car Show in the UK), we are not guaranteed to get a stand but at least we have been early wiht our application form. I have asked for a space for 4 cars and a gazebo, so fingers crossed. Simon P and I organise the attendees for this show and I know that Simon already has a list of cars that have enquired about attending. If you are interested, by all means get in touch but as it is a prestigious show, there is usually a bit of a waiting list to get your car on the stand. We also like to have the best cars possible representing the club but as this is a restoration show, we would also like "Before" and "After" examples, so fresh barn finds are equally welcome at this event! http://www.necrestorationshow.com/ https://www.facebook.com/NECRestorationShow/?ref=hl https://twitter.com/NECRestoShow Regards, Paul.
  23. Might be a good piece to have remanufactured actually, as it always gets bent out of shape and they are tricky to straighten out. Another one added to the list to investigate!
  24. Hi Gabriel, Welcome to the forum. I hope you find it useful. For your 2.2 project - how about throttle bodies instead of the twin 45's? Jenvey do a kit now that has throttle bodies within the carb housing, so it looks like you have twin 45's but is much easier to set up and more fuel efficient - whilst giving you better power too! Have a look here - http://www.jenvey.co.uk/products2/heritage/heritage-dcoe-twin-body-45mm-pair-tdp45 Thats an idea for you ! Regards, Paul.
  25. Hi Darren and welcome to our forum. I hope you find it useful and a fun place to visits. As with most things like this, you tend to get out what you put in. Hopefully you will find a car for sale on here in the future, as it is one of the best places to find a Manta for sale on the internet.
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