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  1. I have part numbers for you - Chrome Trim - 09287847 (Opel Part 13 24 261) Black Trim - 90038017 (opel Part 13 24 266) A very quick online search showed up a couple of places you could try in Mainland Europe for this. (The moulding trim is found in Group 13 - Cooling. Not the first place you would look for it!)
  2. Has anybody been in touch with the organisers and booked a club stand? The write up suggests we have a display organised. I know Simon was looking for cars that are attending.
  3. http://rallyday.com/news/rallyday-2017-set-to-celebrate-the-30th-anniversary-of-the-opel-manta-400-s-final-national-victory-on-1987-welsh-rally/ click for more info regarding Rallyday 2017. Castle Coombe circuit, Sat 23rd Sept.
  4. I'm toying with the idea of getting my i200 on the road for this event Simon, but either way I am a interested in going.
  5. Darn it..... in Tenby on hols othwise I'd have been interested in a bit of Goyle thrash.
  6. Very nice looking B series. Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun here and find it useful.
  7. Thanks Shug for bringing me the Servo down - much appreciated and nice to meet you in person for a change. Apologies I didnt have the opportunity to catch up with you again before the end of the show. It was all a bit of a whirlwind to be honest! Hope you had a good trip back home.
  8. Thanks to everyone that Came along and made the VBOA event such a big success. We wondered how well the event would go and thanks to all the enthusiasm of every club member and guest that attended, it was a great weekend. Special thanks to Shaun Broadbent, Mick Maher, Loobie Meagher, Chris Collier, Simon Peckham and all the others that helped put the show together. We welcome Shaun as the new National meeting organiser.... a baptism of fire! Class winners from this years OMOC Show & Shine. Best A - Tim Rolfe Best B - James Sene (car of the show) Best C - Simon Chapman
  9. The OMOC stand was probably the busiest one at the show yesterday, great to see how enthusiastic our members are. DON'T FORGET - This showground is not like Billing. There is no shelter from the sun, so bring your suncream and remember to keep it topped up during the day. I saw some very very red people yesterday who are going to be in pain today!
  10. I dont have one spare but can happily give you the dimensions if you are struggling. It would be pretty easy to make one up using Millboard, or similar. I have just a coupld of Fibreglass rad trays left and will take them along to the VBOA show this weekend, if interested - let me know.
  11. I would say that an Autojumble is probably the best bet for something like this. We found a lovely Opel sign at one a few years ago - Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
  12. Hi Nick, I had a rumage around last night and could only find GT/E badges, not the Recaro ones. I'm pretty sure I didnt give them away but I;;l probably have to search after the weekend now. Its time I went and washed the Silver B.
  13. Nick, I think I have a couple of Recaro badges somewhere. I'll have a look through the 'drawer of requirements' and see.
  14. I finally managed to make it to a Midlands pub meeting last Friday and took th old B series out for a spin, to clear away some cobwebs prior to UnBilling. Great to see that everyone that came along arrived in a Manta. Awesome! New landlord and a brand new menu at the Racehorse Inn, Warwick. Third Friday of every month in case you were wondering!
  15. Could be a good restoration for someone. Looks like all the basics are there, apart from the ATS wheels, which now I am old fart....I prefer to the Ronals
  16. I wouldnt mind the B Series servo Shug if it's still available. I noticed how rusty mine is getting so a spare one to tart up a bit wouldn't go amiss.
  17. Great to welcome you to the forum Dimpas. There are a few Mantas in Greece so keep looking out for them. There is an i200 for sale on the island I believe at the moment. It will be nice to see your car as it progresses. A rare one so we are glad to hear you are Saving it.
  18. I've always run the i200 on Pirelli's. They are soft, so they stick to the road like glue but obviously tend to wear quicker as a result. But on a weekend car that doesn't do much mileage that really isn't a problem. They have been on the car for a few years now and show no sign of perishing or cracking either. I've had some crappy budget tyres on the Silver B for about 3 years and they are showing signs of cracking already. I've been running the Monaro on Bridgestones for a few years now and they seem like a good mix of grip and acceptable wear, at least for a car with rwd and 400bhp. I get through a set a year, which is okay.
  19. My god - it is only in Nuneaton (about 20 miles away) and I have ALWAYS wanted a White GT/E hatch....... Looks like a fantastic non sunroof project. That could be a minter in no time.
  20. Looks like a good project car for someone. That could be on the road after not a lot of work. Getting lots of bids already.
  21. I think it was PaulManta down in Cornwall that put these kits together. It was 4 years ago though so I doubt whether he has any available any more. It might be worth getting in touch with him though, he may still have the diagrams perhaps?? i found the original thread. They do look pretty darn good though eh!
  22. Welcome Lee and I hope you enjoy your time on the forum. Keep your eyes peeled as there have been great cars bought and sold in the last few months.
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