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  1. Front. Rear and Side windows will need to be removed again Ian ☹️
  2. Glad to help, £6.00 postage is a bit OTT for a £2.88 sale lol The front and rear windscreen insert trim is good and the outer door glass window seal strips although not OEM are close enough and work well. The Bonnet seal also finishes off the scuttle nicely, it fits along the edge where the bonnet meets the scuttle, not fitted to the car as standard but looks good ! He also supplies roof linings for Coupe and Hatch, the material is pretty much spot on, he sent me samples but I cant see them listed ! If your ordering a few bits and bobs the £6.00 isn't so bad
  3. Check out East Kent Trim Supplies, £2.88 a pair + packing https://www.eastkenttrimsupplies.com/manta-c102x2772652
  4. Looking good Ian, puts mine to shame ! Can I ask why you masked the front rubber adjusters instead of just removing them ?
  5. Most likely behind the dash but after painting the bay may be worth checking you have a decent earth connection, the earth just to the back of the lights on both sides ! !
  6. ooohh controversial Ian, if I had any doubt my car would fail its MOT I would not drive it on the public highway, I also think an MOT certificate adds value as it proves the cars integrity and keeps the mileage history, IMO your listening to the wrong shoulder lol I would pre MOT check then acting on the findings full MOT.
  7. Hi Ian, looking good bud, if you don't mind me mentioning, as the number plate is fitted to the brackets at the top this makes the brackets visible, as they are not the nicest bits of engineering to save re-drilling the plate wondering if it would look cleaner if you revolved the bracket 180deg so the brackets are not showing, would look more like the pic below......just a thought !!
  8. Dont give up now Ian, I know were your coming from, if you don't want to cut back and polish its a very fine line between dry lines/orange peel and runs, laying paint on so that it naturally flats is an art that I didn't achieve on a complete panel ever !! lol You mention that you cannot wet sand and polish coach enamel, are you sure ?, I,ve seen a car painted with a roller and brush ( there are also a few online ) the guy sanded, cut and polished and it looked as good as any body shop, if not better due to the depth of the paint and shine, I'm sure he said it was coach enamel, def wasn't cellulose ! Keep up the good work, you've come so far on a project that most would not even attempt, keep going it will be fine.
  9. ....and give the car a good wipe down with tack cloths before starting, then your good to go, looking forward to see the end result Ian.
  10. With the wet sanding of the primer coat just make sure the car is bone dry before top coat, if we have a really hot day leave it outside to bake in the sun for a few hours or if not thoroughly run over the car with a heat gun before progressing, the last thing you want after all your work is microblisters under the paint a few months after finishing.
  11. Spent last night going through this build page by page, very impressed with what you've achieved Ian Ive sprayed a few cars in the past, cellulose in my day, not done it for years though ! very much DIY in the garage like yourself and learning as I went. My technique was after wet flatting the primer lay on 2 or 3 coats of top as thick as you dare, try not to get runs and not worry too much about orange peel, once dry wet flat the whole car with 1200/1500 ( for the runs ! ), 2000, 3000 grit and fairy liquid being very careful on the corners and Swage lines, carry on until all the paint is perfectly flat ( basically back to a full semi matt finish ) then machine polish with decreasing grades of rubbing compound. Then wax Probably teaching you to suck eggs and the paint experts will tell me I was doing it all wrong, takes a lot of time but the end result is a rewarding and impressive mirror finish ! Cant wait to see the end result, keep up the good work. Iain
  12. I found Sportex very helpful, I also didn't want the 3 inch tailpipe so asked them to make it look OEM and they obliged, however I did go for the standard system it is quite loud when accelerating hard but not too bad when driving "normally". Maybe worth a call they might be able to add an additional silencer !
  13. Hi Peter, arrived safe and sound and fits, cheers Iain
  14. Hi Peter, apologies for late response, been away, yes please mate, email or PM me price and your paypal details. iaingibbs@btinternet.com Cheers Peter, much appreciated. Iain
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