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  1. I’m on the lookout for a new old stock L/H headlight with Lucas lens for Manta b I will take a pair if need be and will also consider a pair of Hella thank you
  2. I’m looking a pair of NOS headlights for 1985 Manta Must be new
  3. Wheelybin22


    It's not a i240 kit, it's all one piece as on a wide body 400
  4. Wheelybin22


    Thank you for your reply, I would like a genuine polyester one to match the others on the car
  5. Wheelybin22


    Looking for a genuine Manta 400 wide body front wing, anyone have one? N/s I think! will also take a full kit if someone not looking to split it up
  6. Yes Mike I do have a email and when I open the link it will only let me have Individual Membership not web membership.
  7. Hello, Can someone send me a link or tell me how to renew my membership as a web member. Thank you
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