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  1. Yeah that's me Paul. I'll have a think, but I thought lets were expensive and you cant map the standard ecu? I do have an xe that needs a rebuild, what am i going to need to boost it?
  2. Can't seem to find it. search is not working :/
  3. Adrian flux are good to be fair, I'd recommend them to anyone on the forum. I'm only 22 and pay £340 a year which is pretty good for my age.
  4. Hi guys, I was originally intending to put an xe in my project manta, then it was a c20let and now I'm thinking a saab b204 would be a much cheaper conversion considering you can pick up a whole car for like 4-500 quid. Anyone had any experience with this conversion, apparently it's just a c20let that saab redesigned. rob
  5. Restore I'd say. Saab b204 would be a nice swap, I take it if it fits a manta it'll fit this.
  6. Swweet does the rear feel really stiff over speedbumps?
  7. Dave, what dampers do you have on the rear of your cav?
  8. http://s958.photobucket.com/user/robertlittler123/media/For%20sale%20-%20manta/DSC_0056_zpscbz5ffpp.jpg.html?sort=3&o=7 The section that runs from the bottom of the a pillar to the sill? I'd do it myself but I doubt I'd do a very good job to be honest. My daily manta needs a pair. Thanks Rob
  9. I've got a shell that you're welcome to.
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