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  1. Morning Are these for the axle shaft bearing Thanks
  2. Does anyone have the code/part number for the half shaft bearings for a 77 SR Tia
  3. BEEDZ

    Core plug

    Ordered a set Jess They were done 2 years ago when built it was test run but has only been in full use for the last month Maybe needs Re seating Thanks
  4. Is the core plug next to the starter motor 27mm? 2.0s Cih As mine’s leaking and no one seems to stock them locally anymore Tia
  5. BEEDZ

    5 speed box

    Hi looking for a 5 speed for a cih I’ve just had a getrag put in converted from 4 speed but the box is noisy many thanks
  6. BEEDZ


    thanks Snowy I was led to believe it had come out as an original engine with 64000 miles on if that makes sense Thanks again
  7. BEEDZ


    Got a gte engine with fuel injection But it’s marked 2.0S there’s no plate fitted for fuel pump I thought the 2.0E was injection and the 2.0S was carb Any ideas
  8. That’s great thanks 611 Has everything been ok with gear selection? did you use a shorter gear stick or the original ?
  9. I’ve got a new bracket for the box and was going to alter the tunnel but found this Don’t know if anyone has done this on a Manta before? It’s off the Gt forum
  10. It’s for a cih came with a gte engine thats what I’m hoping going to have a go tomorrow I didn’t notice it before just getting ready to fit it
  11. It’s not got a nut hoping just pushed on spline
  12. On my Getrag gearbox there’s a Flange prop connection I presume this will pull off a male spline to fit a manta prop? Thanks
  13. BEEDZ

    Seat belt

    Drivers side seat belt for the early b series 1977 with the long arm top and bottom I bought 2 sets but they’re frayed and don’t recoil very well. Thanks
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