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  1. Cheers for posting that Andy .
  2. penyghent


    Hi Hopefully someone can help me, i've lost my list of opel manta parts suppliers, all i can remember is dr manta. I'm after the bushes which go in the extensions which attach to the front suspension. Cheers Mark
  3. Has anyone got an upper wishbone for an A series for sale please
  4. Cheers for the advice will look into it
  5. Thank you Herman, absolute star cheers.
  6. Has anyone got a pair of these rubber stops, front axle A series please. If not where to get them from I've tried a few german web sites but no luck. Cheers Mark
  7. Has anyone one got one of these please for sale. Dr Manta has but very expensive. This is the shorter hose from the brakeregulator. Cheers
  8. Cheers, just got a new old stock from Precision Clutch.
  9. Has anyone got a clutch kit for 1.9 A series please or know of any English company that actually stock them . Dr Manta has them but very expensive !!! Cheers
  10. Cheers, that makes sense, the other side has been removed which through me.
  11. Hi Can anyone tell me what this is used for please ,stripped the car years ago and cant remember. Its the rear nearside wheel arch of an A series. Cheers
  12. I heated the waxoyl and applied it in a warm garage but not confident it covered all the areas in the cavities. I've got the car on a rotisserie so sprayed all of the underneath in red oxide. I have looked at POR15 top coat, i am after a smooth finish , would a 2PK be hard enough to with stand country roads and stone chip. Cheers for your replies.
  13. Hi I'm after some advice please, I've waxoyled my chassis legs etc not to pleased with the result as it didnt come out of the nozzle as expected and sprayed red oxide on the underneath, I will be doing a few coats. Can anyone advise on what to spray on the red oxide and can I redo the cavities. Been on the internet but to much information. Cheers
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