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  1. Cheers, that was my thought to.
  2. Has anyone got an A series complete rack for sale, or knows which other one will fit please.
  3. I'm trying to do an upgrade on my A to carlton brakes, has anyone got a pair of calipers for sale please.
  4. Cheers but i've bust the bank and bought an internal compressor.
  5. Putting together front suspension on my A but having problems getting the springs in. The suspension is off the car, trying to compress the springs with normal spring compressors aint working nor looks safe. Any ideas please.
  6. Hi Andy Have you an M14 bolt and nut please I could buy off you. Just reamed the chassis leg hole out so i was wrong about the 12mm hole. Cheers Mark
  7. Cheers Andy for the offer and the diagram, for some reason the chassis leg hole is 12mm so I'll get M12 bolts.
  8. Cheers, its meant to be M14 from what i've learnt, but my new chassis leg has a 12 mm hole which i'm reluctant to drill out. So I'm going to get the bushes sleeves made with a 12mm hole, hopefully this will be strong enough.
  9. Cheers for the diagram very usefull .
  10. Cheers , needed to check as the hole in my chassis legs is 12mm .
  11. Cheers, what does iirc stand for please.
  12. Hi does anyone know the bolt size for connecting front axle extensions to the chassis legs on an A please. Cheers
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