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  1. the above are for fitting the group B turrets unless you have the longer group b shocks they are no use to a road car while it is a good idea to strengthen the lower wishbone it needs to be carried on right around the crossmember bush otherwise it will start to crack where the strenthing plate finishes as the lower arm twists a lot . as for the out rigger brace all the forces on this are pushing it towards the gearbox mainly when braking to strengthen this your need to double up top and bottom face how do i know i have a lot of standard arm and ones that have been modded like above with cracks in and i also have genuine works arms both light wheight and heavy duty
  2. i will have some yellow competion bilsteins for sale in about 6 weeks refurbished by bilstein and only done a few demo events i am having some turreted rose jointed bilsteins overhauled at the moment and will be swapping over to them.
  3. the thick washer needs to be at the rear of the arm for better castor less understeer
  4. remove all glass first and interior if you carefully remove the paint on the pillars towards the top of them you will find a section of braze slice through the outer skin carefully with a slitting disc and then using a paint removing wheel clean the paint off bottom of both gutters and top of both front and rear window apatures till you can see the spot welds buy a spot weld drill and very carefully drill all spot welds this cant be hurried but you can then peel away the outer skin off.you will have to change the stiffener across the center of the roof as well but if you get a second hand roof off a non sunroof car this will come with it.basically do exactly the same on replacment roof and plug weld new skin on . having said all of that you do need reasonably skill with welder if you look on my rallycar thred ADZ4575 this how i did it
  5. remember that there is a differance between 400 rally front panel and irmcher ones lower radiator intake are completly different
  6. unfortunatley clashes with donnington historic which is where im going to with the rally car
  7. 33019

    2.4 block

    bump still looking for a frontera engine also looking for a 4 speed gearbox bell housing
  8. 33019

    2.4 block

    looking for frontera 2.4 block /bottomend only really need block but will buy complete engine any body got anything lying around or any leads regards simon
  9. what a hero for supporting my little gathering
  10. i did try to include the club with this event but there didnt seem much interest i have organised a feature display any way there should be 6 manta 400s and 4 ascona 400s all proper rally car i am going to see if i can sqeeeze in hermans car as well seeing as it a proper 400
  11. hi im trying to organise this event for rallyday if any body knows of any 400s road or rally cars i would be very interested even if it just a lead thanks simon pm me please
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