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  1. When you gonna build it please make some photos
  2. I have the same problem to heat up the saloon.Have you find something?
  3. Can you put the picture here from that back rubber you bought from ebay.
  4. http://s75550052.einsundeinsshop.de/sess/utn;jsessionid=154e8c45ef441df/shopdata/index.shopscript
  5. I took these yellow ones,they have original CIBIE lamps
  6. Hey I bought my Irmscher headlights from Finland www.ocf.fi
  7. Reims

    Opel Manta R6

    rear axle is from the senator A,front is original,rear hubs is from senator too Washed my Manta today after long time and did the testdrive.Took some pictures with my friends BMW
  8. Reims

    Opel Manta R6

    Got myself a new seats because the recaros are too high then we painted the boot and the saloon floor with the EPO primer then painted in red and then covered with Stp bomb then I had to go to the summer house and thinked what to,took the gas tank with me and then we took it apart again random pictures
  9. I bought brand new from here http://www.ebay.de/itm/Kennzeichenleuchte-Kadett-E-Manta-B-Corsa-A-NEU-ORG-OPEL-/270959737371?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item3f16757a1b
  10. Reims

    Opel Manta R6

    one of the wheels lost air and we took it apart
  11. Can you show me how you put these lamps in to the manta frames?
  12. Reims

    Opel Manta R6

    Borrowed from a friend a Borbet wheels to see how they fit to a manta front are on 8,5" wide and rear 10"x17" frontET13 rear 24 Also got a brand new golf mk2 sunroof seal wich code is 321877209A
  13. Reims

    Opel Manta R6

    Powder coated and removed the old seals
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