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  1. Bump still potentially looking for one its for a hella unit .....
  2. just need the glass for n/s initially also if you have any of these as spares in sort of need the internals when i received them the dip adjusters have been damaged, my plan is to get the glass to get it back to road worthy condition i would definatley take the twin headlights off anyone for a good price please let me know what you got as it will help all options cheers.
  3. Right ok, I'm sure I tried to dummy fit it with no plastic things and didn't look asif it fitted proberly, are these. Plastic monts the same as the rear gte monts ? As I fitted gte rear bumper
  4. Is this possible as looking on the bumper there should be 2 lugs per side,I repaired my B wings but need 4 lugs it looks like, if this is not possible and have 2 gte wings in good condition you wish to part with please let me know thanks. If it is one lug per side a picture of one would definatley be a goos starting point for me to make some
  5. Its funny you say that retro power, i got a cavalier steel sump, cut it all the way round just butted it together, fitted a sump nut allwed enough space for the rack but yea i mig welded all the way round and it does leak, ill take it off and give it to my dad hes a sheet metal worker and should have tig, but ive lost atleast a litre or so of volume compared to the original, alloy / steell one do you think it should be suficent enough?
  6. Glass for drivers side headlight berlinetta also 2 plastice brackets that enable you to adjust headlight hieght as mine are broken for booth side if possbile please , thats how far im off a set once completed would be willing to swap for twin headlight assembly ...
  7. Hi i have a bonnet that was monaco blue does have rust but if u had it blasted and filled would come up a treat you can have it for free if you want only surface rust
  8. Cheers for the help but that one is broken, really appriciate the help though i am in the process of ordering a new set from germany thanks.
  9. That run into crome trim thes along the glass for both sides please or if off newer one just the rubber parts that seals betwen door windows on coupe cheers.
  10. Yep that's it cheers guys almost up an firing so many small jobs to do
  11. Hi fermanta look where 10 is its just the little bits above the steering colum is doesn't actaully picture it but it is on there if you can it would be so helpful let me know cheers.
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