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  1. Thanx Shug will give it a whirl and see how it comes out. Cant wait for it to be delivered tonight but got some rust to sort out first!
  2. My Manta is being delivered tonight and while I went to check it out before buying I noticed that the headliner is really messed up. Teared and hanging from the roof. So I searched on google and on here and on Youtube and basically everywhere but could not find one site that actually shows you how to build a new headliner from scratch! Iv seen some straight type liners but as you know the manta has those bubble type curves with the seams. I cant pay $170 on e-bay for one. thas what I payed for the car! Any help especially pics or links to videos would be appreciated. To put in new insulating is no problem its just how to make the vinyl liner part. Also heard for best results one has to remove all windows?
  3. Hello My name is Johannes and im from South Africa. Brought an Opel Manta and it is being delivered on Wednesday. It is 90% original apart from the steering wheel and paint. Its a vinyl top 1900E as far as I know. Will confirm that when the car is delivered. Needs some work as the previous owner started the project for a rotary conversion. Has some rust like all mantas but really not as bad as iv seen on some on this forum. All the bits and pieces is in a bag in the car. Badges, wipers etc etc. Bonnet isnt rusted through...Just thin layer....Need to get that sanded and primed to prevent further rust. Not near the ocean and our climate is dry in the Free State sohope that stops further rusting. Wil post up more pics soon when I start a build thread!
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