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  1. Hi I'm looking for an Irmscher KA555 Camshaft, as fitted original in the Manta i200. Preferably one in good condition. Thanks Bjorn, Sweden
  2. Hi I'm looking for an Imrscher sport distributor for 2.0E. These distributors were fitted on the Manta i200. Irmscher number: 0231170235 Bosch number: 0237020049 I know there are new (quite expensive) ones available, but it'll do great with a used one. Best regards Bjorn
  3. Thanks! The interior comes from a narrow Ascona 400, but I've got a Blitz interior that's going in soon. So the inside will hopefully look good too. /Bjorn I'm really glad you guys like it! /Bjorn Thank you very much! I wasn't sure on the silver at the beginning, but it came out really well. /Bjorn Thank you! I've had a look at your cars too, they look absolutely great. /Bjorn
  4. This is my first Manta, and also my first car. Bought it at age 15, in 2011 and now, three years later, it's been fully restored by me and my dad. Hope you like it.
  5. Lovely! It looks great with those wheels! Greetings from Sweden Bjorn
  6. I'm looking for more pictures of the silver Manta 400 replica on the photo below. I found the picture on www.manta400.com but can't find any more photos of it. Thanks in advance Bjorn
  7. If you are agreed in ordering a new roll, just let me know, and I can look up the interest on the Swedish Opel Forum, if there isn't enough interest. Thanks in advance! Bjorn
  8. There's no hurry, I haven't really started on my Manta yet. Can I buy cloth for both frontseats and backseats? If you are ordering a new roll I want some! I think I know one or two more that is interested in the cloth! Yeah, I've read the thread! Lovely car and really nice work! Ascona and Manta 400 is my favourite car!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm looking for the Blitz cloth for my Manta i400 Replica. Does anyone know where can i buy some? Thanks in advance Bjorn
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