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  1. just been and picked up a 1979 escort RS2000 for a mate, makes a manta feel like a new car

  2. Just got my car back after being stolenso need afew parts. Stearing colum covers, bootlid coupe, and black moulding top of drivers door.If any one can help it would be much appreciated.
  3. Cheers kenny and mate will never be able to repay you, are you going to billing? The police still havent contacted me to let me know its been found, not to impressed with them. If it was'nt for Kenny i would not know it had been found.
  4. Id like to say a great big thank you to Kenny Dock and his mate, because of him the car has been recovered and is in. police custody so should have it back soon.thanks to the great response to everyone on here its nice to now people care.
  5. It was pushed off the driv the started half way down the streat was out the door fast enough to see it drive off just couldnt run fast enough to catch it.its only the second time its been at my house since march.was only using it because id sent the ecu away for my s4 to be remap
  6. It was totally rebiult from a bare shell 8 years ago thought it was 10 but looking at bills it was 8. The shell was really good the only welding was lower rear corners on rear quarters and a small patch let into passenger floor. Spare wheel well was removed,never did like the way it hung down from outside. The car was a 1 family owned from new when i bought it with 50k on the clock. The clocks in it now were originals apart from had a monza speedo because they read to 150 and are a really good match to the original.
  7. Anyone got a rough idea what car is worth as i have to give estimate of worth to insurance?
  8. The plod recone it has not left harlow because you cant get out without passing a camera. I no at least 4 ways without passing 1
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