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  1. Possible got one, I'll have a look.
  2. Should have one, let me check.
  3. Security update was done and it messed up some Javascript, but as you say all sorted now.
  4. Got one , but the spring cups have rotted out. New cups are available from Germany.
  5. The VBOA ( Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association ) meet is at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire. over the weekend of 6/7th July. ( the old Billing show, if you remember them). Don't worry if you don't think your car will be show worthy. All cars are welcome and appreciated, we don't all have deep pockets. https://www.vboa.org.uk/events/49-national-rally-19
  6. Great work, you're getting close now. Would be ace if it was possible to make the VBOA meet in July. This thread is also an inspiration to read, not only do you find time to work on your car but you also manage to keep this thread updated.
  7. Sunday morning run for the midlands clan to the Caffeine & Machine.
  8. Just found some photos of my Manta taken at a local meet on Sunday.
  9. Coventry MotoFest is a 2-day event being held from 1st to 2nd June 2019 in Coventry, United Kingdom. This event showcases products like unique blend of racing demonstrations, static displays, live music and anything else with a connection to Coventry and transport, an amazing event designed to celebrate both the heritage, the current endeavours and an amazing and exciting future for personal transport, Cars, motorcycles, live music, trucks, buses, films, stock cars, armoured vehicles, taxis, art, stalls, design, education, prototypes, engineering, and even some bicycles take part and more etc. in the Auto industry. I have just requested a club stand at this years motofest, if you are interested in joining us, please post below.
  10. Got good s/h one if any good to you. £10+p&p
  11. Still looking. Have a carpet place just up the road so will pop in and see what I can get hold off.
  12. Yes rear seat belt mounting point.
  13. The only problem with 7 is how to post with out them getting damaged. I'll have a look for 5 ans see what I can find.
  14. Window/door crome is made up of 7 peaces. 1&2 for the bottom of the rear 1/4 window 3 up the C pillor 4 along top and down A piller 5 jioning clip 6 sits under 4 down A piller 7 Gutter rail I have available for both sides: 1,2 & 3 as a set, don't rearly want to split. 4, 7 and possibly 5
  15. I have 0ne set left. Set is for both sides and has all 3 pices £30 icl p+p
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