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  1. Going to start drinking again,got to be better than watching eurovision with wife

    1. mantaray


      Back home to the garage me thinks. LOL

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  2. best unmodified show and shine car @knockhill today..big trophy and £300 powder coating voucher..well chuffed

  3. peed off, no work, no money, down to my last £15 so work has stoped on the Manta again.

    1. mantaray


      Thanks for the suport Toni, I think we are all going through bad times at the moment. Just give me a bell when your ready and I'll help any way I can.

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  4. Bummer...welder not started on car despite having it for over 2 months and has now doubled the price! what to do?

    1. mantaray


      If you need my help, just give us a bell.

      Transport can be sorted, but I'm not sure how much it would cost.

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