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  1. peed off, no work, no money, down to my last £15 so work has stoped on the Manta again.

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    2. mantaray


      Thanks for the suport Toni, I think we are all going through bad times at the moment. Just give me a bell when your ready and I'll help any way I can.

    3. Rab


      Chris, hope work picks up fur yae soon, in thi mean time sit back relax hiv awe fag und awe gid pint owe beer.

    4. toj28


      Flywheel is still hear if you need it just let me know ;) hope things pick up for u bud

  2. Well work on my A starts again, lets see how long it is until i have to move it out of the garage and stop working on it this time.

  3. Why do We do it ?

    1. Rab


      Because your good self helps others who canny.

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