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  1. Still looking. Have a carpet place just up the road so will pop in and see what I can get hold off.
  2. Yes rear seat belt mounting point.
  3. The only problem with 7 is how to post with out them getting damaged. I'll have a look for 5 ans see what I can find.
  4. Window/door crome is made up of 7 peaces. 1&2 for the bottom of the rear 1/4 window 3 up the C pillor 4 along top and down A piller 5 jioning clip 6 sits under 4 down A piller 7 Gutter rail I have available for both sides: 1,2 & 3 as a set, don't rearly want to split. 4, 7 and possibly 5
  5. I have 0ne set left. Set is for both sides and has all 3 pices £30 icl p+p
  6. Shit Paul, sorry to hear your news. If you need to talk or a change of scenery you know were I am.
  7. Not Cheating. lol After you have sanded down the filler, give it a couple of nice coats of primer/filler, guide coat it and sand down..once you're happy then prime ready for paint.
  8. All ways the case, primer show up every imperfection in the filler. For small imperfections it is worth using primer/filler, make life that bit easier.
  9. This is just amazing work to see, I wouldn't know where to start designing my own custom intake.
  10. .Mk3 I would think, going on what he has just bought.
  11. Know Wellesbourne pretty well, the market anyway. There are 3 members over in Lighthorne Heath, I'm in Coventry and then there are a few further afield, Daventry, Northampton, Pershore. We meet up for a Pub meal once a month, on the 3rd Friday, at the Race House in Leamington. No meeting in December, but should be back running in January.
  12. You will need to make up repair sections, have a look through the Projects thread and you will find lots of posts regarding the repair of this area. I notice you are in Warwickshire, whereabouts? , I'm over in Coventry if you're ever passing.
  13. what was the old post, and was it on here?
  14. Got a few heater matrices. £25 posted.
  15. Had a baffle put in an A tank about a year ago, and works fine with inj. engine. It was done by my local radiator shop, Warwick Radiators, they cut a slot in the top half of the tank, just to the side of the sender unit. and then slotted in a baffle plate, and welded all in place. A return pipe was also fitted so the returning fuel went into the new chamber. You can use a GTE coupe tank as suggested but you do louse quite a bit of boot space.
  16. Got a fibreglass one and a normal one, don't know what postage to Ireland would be tho.
  17. Got a couple here in Coventry, Condition unknown but they were working fine when removed from cars.
  18. Date change due to weather will now take place next weekend 30th sept. So still time book your place.
  19. It is one of my favourites too. Always makes me think of the "Walking Dead" just need a few Zombies walking about.
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