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  1. Thanks for the interest shown in this event, but with just under 3 weeks to go I have had no confirmed bookings. In order for me to continue finalising the details and route I need at least 10 confirmed booking by the 9th September or I will have to cancel the event as it will not be financially viable. Please contact me via email - mantaray@crclassics.co.uk to book your place
  2. I know this a bit short notice, but myself and Paul Barret have an autojumble stand at the show. Between us, we have a very large selection of Manta parts for sale, don't know what Paul has but most of mine is A Series stuff. So please come and have a look, if you are coming to the show. Show is open 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday £10/day for a car and passengers.
  3. Sorry, forgot all about it. Yes, I do have one. in fact, I have both L & R but not sure which is which. Are you going to Vauxfest this weekend? if not let me have your address and I'll pop it in the post.
  4. Should have one, I'll look tomorrow
  5. I have now invited some other car clubs, so If you wish to take part, please book your place ASAP.
  6. You will be OK for a couple of years, but it will come back.
  7. Got one in Coventry, not the best but very useable.
  8. Would the 30th Sept. be better for anyone else?
  9. Hosted by the Opel Manta Owner Club. A 76-mile scenic drive through the Cotswolds, including a treasure hunt. Sunday 23rd September 2018 ( may change) Meeting at the McDonalds Evesham 9.30 am This event is open to non-members, would prefer Classics vehicles if possible, but you can use your everyday car if you wish. Entry fees. OMOC members: £5 Non-OMOC members: £ 10 Places need to be booked, limited to 20 max, so please email me at mantaray@crclassics.co.uk to book your place. The Cotswolds timeless quality, beautiful rolling country and charming honey-coloured stone villages is the perfect backdrop to a romantic drive - away from the madding crowd. This circular route passes by beautiful stately homes, several typical Cotswold hill villages, quaint riverside village, the Little Venice of the Cotswolds, an ancient Market Town, a bewitching manor house and a Folly high on the Cotswold escarpment. To drive the route non-stop would only take a couple of hours because the total mileage is75 miles. However, to properly take in the beauty and atmosphere you will, more than likely, spend a good full day full of wonderful memories. Most of the route is using small 'B' roads and ungraded 'local' single track roads with passing places. Even in peak summer tourist times, you will find these roads do not get very busy with traffic.
  10. Got 8 the same as this. Need a good clean but all have good chrome.
  11. Got 2 sets of A series ones.
  12. It can be done, But I find it quicker to just drop the whole front setup with engine and box. You will need a big jack tho, as the front of the car needs to be high to give clearance for the engine to roll out.
  13. OK I'll start this off with a few photos taken from the OMOC FaceBook page. The stand is marked out and members have started to arrive. Let the show begin. Hope to see some of you there.
  14. I started out just like you. Could not afford to pay a garage, so bought a welder and learnt as I went along. As you progress through the car you will only get better. the old saying " Practise makes Perfect " is so true in welding.
  15. Just build it up in sections, and you will be fine. You're doing a great job so far.
  16. If you're not running a heater, could you just remove the heater matrix and allow it to vent through the heater box? Just a thought, may not be workable.
  17. Well done mate, only 2 weeks to go. But at least it will be close to home if you do have any problems.
  18. Can you post a pic of both ends, think I may have a spare.
  19. £200+ IMHO. But if someone needs one who knows.
  20. Great day out at the Modified Nationals, with Simon Peckham. Yes, the Fast & Furious / Max Power cars certainly stamped there mark, but there were a good variety of other cars too. Not too many Old School, but thous that were there stood out from the crowd. Both Mantas drew a lot of attention and compliments. I overheard one chap say to his mate " Wow Look at that" as they approached the car, then after looking around it, as they were leaving, the same chap said to his mate "I f***ing love that!"😁 Definitely think it would be a good show to do next year, either camping or for the day.
  21. Change of plan ! We are now meeting at 9 am,.
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