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  1. Don't know it's at Peterbourgh this weekend.
  2. Modified Nationals this Saturday. Simon Peckham and I are going to head up to this show on Saturday to have a gander. We are just going for the day and will be meeting up at Peterborough services ( A605/A1) at 10am. If anyone would like to join us, please let me know, so we can all meet at the services and travel to the show in convoy so that we will hopefully be able to park up together.
  3. Well the shakedown saga continues, seems that every time I take the Manta out something new happens. Sorted the water leak, but noticed the aux. belt was about to say goodbuy, so that has been changed as well, and then took her out to a small meet up in Banbury. Once again ran great until I was nearly home and then as I went to change gear the selector was like a bowl of soup, flopping all over the place. Got her home to find that the stick support bracket bolts had come loose, so this time they have been put in with thread loc. Then last night I took her down to the club pub meet and dropped in to see a friend on the way home, left to come home about 1 am and all was going well until I pulled off the Warwick bypass, as I approached the T junction at the top of the slip road, I hit the brakes hard to test them and she pulled to the left and locked up a wheel, no real problem but was intrigued as to which wheel was locking up. So when I got to the next straight bit of road I took her up to about 40 and hit the brakes hard again, Once again she pulled hard to the left and locked up the F/Ns wheel, however this time there was also a bang and the feeling of locked brakes. Luckily there was field entry just by me so I got the car off the road and got out to see what was going on only to find that the NS track rod had snapped. OH SHIT!! So I'm stuck on the side of the road at 1.30 am, with no one to phone, wondering how I'm going to get the car home. After a bit of head scratching I had an idea, Could I tie rap it together, I know the tracking would be completely messed up but as I was only about 3 miles from home it might just work. So with the track rod and the wheel hub tie raped together, I generally managed to drive her home. It was the drop spacer that had snapped, so I need to rethink them and come up with something stronger.
  4. Lierdinger tuning are good for panels, only charge 20€ postage/ package.
  5. Bolts can come lose, but may also be the rubber damping bobbins that are worn.
  6. yes got them, PM me for more details.
  7. Not seen any for sale over here, but have you tried Opel GT Source?
  8. Make your own by modifying the A Series brackets. These are my V6 mounts in my A Series.
  9. Still available if you still need it.
  10. If you want to own a manta, you better get use to putting your hand in your pocket.
  11. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Yes I do have one. £30 all in. Let me have your address and I'll sort it.
  12. got a GTE distributor, I'll check the part number.
  13. Got the car all back together on Friday afternoon and went to start her up, engine turned over but would not fire the fuel pump was not kicking in. Knew it was something simple, but for the life of me, I couldn't find the fault. Anyway, after 11 hours of head scratching, I finally traced it to the crank knock sensor plug, not being pushed home. With her now running I got up to temp and checked for oil or water leaks and all looks fine. Now I also needed to strip and clean the front brakes as they were covered in oil and then give the car a good clean ready for The Kit car show today. Finally finished at 11 pm last night. Drove great all day with no leaks, until I get home and she is pissing water out from the lower rad hose, but at least that is an easy fix.
  14. Hopefully, I've been lucky. Bolted the coolant bridge back in place and turned the engine over on the starter for a while, no oil or water leak. Have not had the engine running yet, as I needed to get my modified centre intake painted, I could fit the std. intake back on, but that would only mean that I would have to strip it all down again at a later date. So with the engine back together as much as I can at the moment, I turned my attention to getting the intake painted. While I had paint mixed, I made up a shield to go behind the gill to protect the washer pump and fan relay from rain and painted that too.
  15. Quite correct both of you. Was the washers on the oil union leaking. However, when I tried to remove the coolant bridge both banjo bolts shired. So after a lot of swaring, I finally manage to drill them both out and fit helicoils.
  16. Good news, gearbox all sorted no more whining.. Bad news, the car is off road again. Used the Manta on Sunday to go to the AGM, and found I have a big oil leak. So once again the engine is in bits. Problem is I'm not sure where the leak is, it's dripping at the back and at the front but can't make out if it's just one leak or two. It's not the cam cover gaskets which the V6 is prone to leaking, So I'll clean it all down and then turn her over on the key and see if I can see it with all the injector gubbins removed. Also, need to replace the front pads and clean the discs as they are covered in oil.
  17. It's about £80 - £100 a pair if I remember correctly Just a little pointer: That basic gold paint is not very thick or hard wearing and they will start to rust very quickly. Well worth giving them a paint with calliper paint before you fit them.
  18. That will be great thanks. Images are best with a min of 1MB file size and 250/300 dpi resolution.
  19. That would also make a great write up for the club mag.......If you still have it all on your PC, email it over to Alan or me, Please.
  20. Great news, glad you got her all sorted. Some people still morn about the £25 membership fee, but I'm sure you feel that your £25 was well spent. This is a great forum with very helpful members and worth £25 of anybody money.
  21. Did consider it myself, to lack of space made it a no go. That was a good price, well done.
  22. mantaray

    Manta Resto

    RetroPower do a selector for the R25 box.
  23. Yes, that about it, double-u-bracket are also welded to axel and A frame is rose joints all around. Brakes are Astra callipers with solid discs. LSD is a power loc from an XJ jag, straight swop, just need to have some tophats machined which I have the drawing for.
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