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  1. Not seen any for sale over here, but have you tried Opel GT Source?
  2. Make your own by modifying the A Series brackets. These are my V6 mounts in my A Series.
  3. Still available if you still need it.
  4. If you want to own a manta, you better get use to putting your hand in your pocket.
  5. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Yes I do have one. £30 all in. Let me have your address and I'll sort it.
  6. got a GTE distributor, I'll check the part number.
  7. Got the car all back together on Friday afternoon and went to start her up, engine turned over but would not fire the fuel pump was not kicking in. Knew it was something simple, but for the life of me, I couldn't find the fault. Anyway, after 11 hours of head scratching, I finally traced it to the crank knock sensor plug, not being pushed home. With her now running I got up to temp and checked for oil or water leaks and all looks fine. Now I also needed to strip and clean the front brakes as they were covered in oil and then give the car a good clean ready for The Kit car show today. Finally finished at 11 pm last night. Drove great all day with no leaks, until I get home and she is pissing water out from the lower rad hose, but at least that is an easy fix.
  8. Hopefully, I've been lucky. Bolted the coolant bridge back in place and turned the engine over on the starter for a while, no oil or water leak. Have not had the engine running yet, as I needed to get my modified centre intake painted, I could fit the std. intake back on, but that would only mean that I would have to strip it all down again at a later date. So with the engine back together as much as I can at the moment, I turned my attention to getting the intake painted. While I had paint mixed, I made up a shield to go behind the gill to protect the washer pump and fan relay from rain and painted that too.
  9. Quite correct both of you. Was the washers on the oil union leaking. However, when I tried to remove the coolant bridge both banjo bolts shired. So after a lot of swaring, I finally manage to drill them both out and fit helicoils.
  10. Good news, gearbox all sorted no more whining.. Bad news, the car is off road again. Used the Manta on Sunday to go to the AGM, and found I have a big oil leak. So once again the engine is in bits. Problem is I'm not sure where the leak is, it's dripping at the back and at the front but can't make out if it's just one leak or two. It's not the cam cover gaskets which the V6 is prone to leaking, So I'll clean it all down and then turn her over on the key and see if I can see it with all the injector gubbins removed. Also, need to replace the front pads and clean the discs as they are covered in oil.
  11. It's about £80 - £100 a pair if I remember correctly Just a little pointer: That basic gold paint is not very thick or hard wearing and they will start to rust very quickly. Well worth giving them a paint with calliper paint before you fit them.
  12. That will be great thanks. Images are best with a min of 1MB file size and 250/300 dpi resolution.
  13. That would also make a great write up for the club mag.......If you still have it all on your PC, email it over to Alan or me, Please.
  14. Great news, glad you got her all sorted. Some people still morn about the £25 membership fee, but I'm sure you feel that your £25 was well spent. This is a great forum with very helpful members and worth £25 of anybody money.
  15. Did consider it myself, to lack of space made it a no go. That was a good price, well done.
  16. mantaray

    Manta Resto

    RetroPower do a selector for the R25 box.
  17. Yes, that about it, double-u-bracket are also welded to axel and A frame is rose joints all around. Brakes are Astra callipers with solid discs. LSD is a power loc from an XJ jag, straight swop, just need to have some tophats machined which I have the drawing for.
  18. Think I have the mechanism and maybe a motor as well, I'll have a look and get back to you.
  19. You could do that, buts it's a lot of work to make up all the new mounting brackets. Scimitar 4HA axel can be modified to fit using all the original mounting points and will take a Jag LSD, lots of different ratios available. If for a Manta B/C then you need a 6 Se axel if for an A series then you need a 5SE axel. This is my 4HA set up I have on my A series.
  20. Don't think it is, but any old info would be welcome so don't throw it away just yet. I'll drop you an email.
  21. Haven't had much spare time over the last couple of weeks, and with last weekend being taken up with the Classics show at the NEC, I have managed to spend today in the garage. The Manta is now all back together and ready for a test run, was hoping to do it today but it started pissing down so that put pay to that idea. Still, need to swop the centre intake over when I get my modified one all painted up but that's not a big job.
  22. Back from another great show at the NEC. A big thanks to Neil Boylan and Steve Legg for showing their cars and everyone who helped out on the stand. Lots of interest in the cars and a few new members, so all in all a good weekend. See you all when we do it again in November. ( If you are interested in displaying your car at the November Classic Show, please contact Simon Peckham)
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