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  1. emails sent. Chris Membership Sec. http://www.mantacentral.co.uk ......................... Before Now
  2. Ok lets think. With what you all are bringing we will have more tools than most garages.I just hope we still have room for the car.[] I have a good selection of tool amasted over meny years,and should be able to cover most things. On top of this I also have, Engine hoast, Rollover cradle, fully installed compresser system, paint spraying tools, engine overhall tools. So I think we are well coverd on this front. Parts wise, General consumables, I think are covered. Electrical, I have varius conectors and some wire plus blubs and fueses. If there is anything we do need, I have a trade account at a local factors that are open saturdays. Steve. Just noticed that you say you hope to down with us around tea time. Is there anyway you can get the Friday morning off work so you could be down middayish instead. It would just give use an extra 5 hours time and we can get alot done in 5 hours [] Chris Membership Sec. http://www.mantacentral.co.uk ......................... Before Now
  3. quote:thats a bodge and we dont do them id="quote">id="quote"> Theres no point in doing a bodge job. If you just plate over the holes (which is what most garages will do unless you go to a main deller)then the rot is still there, and it will carry on rotting under the plate, 12 months down the line your left with a car that worse than it is now. You have to cut as much of the rot out as you can, then replace with new metal. Its just not worth bodgeing it. If we are going to do this then lets do it right. It is going to be a long weekend, any panales you can get that may be usefull, will make the job quicker and easier and therefore more jobs are likly to get done. 11 Days to go [] Chris Membership Sec. http://www.mantacentral.co.uk ......................... Before Now
  4. Hi Steve. If there is anything you would like doing to the car e.g. Brakes and you have the parts, then bring them with you and if we have time we will see what we can do. Suspension sound doggy, Paul have you got top and bottom wish bones in case bushes have gone. Regards sleeping, DO YOU REARLY THINK YOU WILL HAVE TIME TO SLEEP ,[] I have a spare bed and plenty of floor space or tent space. Don’t worry there will be plenty for you to help with and I hope you will go away from this feeling more confident . If you can get a D/S rear arch panel it may be needed but I think from the pics. that the rest can be done in sheet (I have a 6x4 sheet so don’t worry) Chris Membership Sec. http://www.mantacentral.co.uk ......................... BeforeNow
  5. Hi there. If you are desparet to get rails, you could try: Dr Manta http://www.dr-manta.de or Opel Classic Parts http://www.opel-classicparts.com both in Germany. Chris Membership Sec. http://www.mantacentral.co.uk .........................
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