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  1. Who did you try to contact and when did you send the email? If it was me then I have not received anything. Was it an Email or a personal message through the site, if it was a PM through the site, we may be having problems, as I have sent 2 PMs to another member and he has not received them. If you wish to email me at info@crclassics.co.uk ,I will do my best to help you out. Chris.
  2. Front cross member is modified to get engine sitting low. The engine is standard except for: Lightened flywheel G cams from 3.0 V6 1mm enlarged throttle intake Custom manifolds Was putting out 215BHP last time she was on the rollers. R25 gearbox from Carlton , was running a 1.8 manta box but she eat 3 of them, 4HA axle with Jag LSD. changed from std axle as it was a cheap way to change the diff ratios and fit LSD As for how I rate it, Love it to bits.
  3. Engine and box back in, now to reconnect everything.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-manual-gearbox-getrag/152934333925?hash=item239b98bde5:g:bY4AAOSw-rRanup3
  5. Gearbox back from the builders. Unfortunately, my box was not worth rebuilding, so had to find a replacement and has luck would have it Carl (Mr Carlos) had one for sale. So after a 260-mile round trip, and £250 lighter, the replacement box was dropped off at the builders and I hoped it would all be OK. As Carl had believed all was good with the gears, so new bearing and seals have been fitted and it's good to go. Rebuild cost was £330 which I don't think is too bad, but when you add the replacement box I'm up to £580 which is a bit more than I had budgeted for, but hey-ho that's life.
  6. There is no bulb in the switch.
  7. The Manta getrag box is a 240 , the only difference between a 1.8 and GTE box is the starter is on opposite sides. The R25 is a bigger box from the Carlton. I am running an X25XE in my A, was using a 240 box but broke 3 so have now changed to an R25. R25 getrag box.
  8. If you're running the X25Xe engine, you will definitely need the big axle. You could go for a 4HA out of the scimitar SE5, lots of Ratios and Jag LSDs will fit in them. Altho it is a 4 link axle, if you do not wish to modify the car body with a little modification the axle can be fitted using the original mounting points. (I have a 4HA in my A series mounted on original points.) What gearbox are you using? The Manta 1.8 box is OK, but if you use the car in anger it will not last long. R25( Carlton with Mec speedo drive & clutch cable) or R25/28 ( Omega with hydraulic clutch & Electic speed sensor) are a stronger box, but bigger in size.
  9. You learn something new every day. In that case, the 1.2 (never imported to UK) has a 4.11:1 diff and the 1.6N has a 3.70:1 diff
  10. The only difference between a 1600 and 1900 axle is the diff ratios Generally, the 1.6 has a 3.67:1 and the 1.9 a 3.44:1, But a 3.89:1 or 3.16:1were also available. ( very rare) I also noticed that the first link for the 1.6 axel, has an ally torque tube from a Manta B fitted instead of the standard steel one fitted to Manta A's Manta B axels are the same as the A axel except for the ally torque tube and they are 1 inch wider. If you find a Manta axel with an LSD fitted, then you are a very lucky man.
  11. Well worth getting the parts sandblasted if you can, It's the only way to clean them up properly.
  12. Graham Taylor also has a green A, but would not dare think about if that will ever see the road again.
  13. Very nice. Looks a tidy car, will not take much work to get her looking spot on.
  14. Hello and welcome. Would be great to see some pics of your car as I guess it will have a different spec. to the UK models.
  15. How much is my car worth? This is the most common question asked, shown below are typical prices. (2018) Concours cars - £10,000+ Fully restored examples don't come up for sale very often but expect to pay £10,000 + for one with a good build quality and photographic evidence of the restoration work. Condition 1 - £5000 + These are not concours or mint cars but they must be original in appearance. Restoration work should be to a high standard with correct detailing and not just temporary cosmetic rejuvenation. Bodywork and paintwork should be relatively unmarked with correct panel gaps and shut lines. Interiors should be inviting and undamaged. They should have a current MOT with fit mechanicals. Engines should not display low oil pressure, excessive consumption or smoke. Gearboxes clutch and axles should be in proper working order. History should be available in part or in full. Condition 2 - £3000 Cars in this category should be of reasonable appearance requiring some attention to paintwork but not requiring major panel replacement. Interiors should be complete and relatively original, possibly needing carpets and localised retrimming. They should also have a current MOT and major components such as engine, gearbox & back axle should be in working order and not require any immediate serious expenditure. Ancillaries like alternators, starter motors, shock absorbers etc. may need replacement. Condition 3 - £1000 These are not ruins with cob webs, but running cars. They will be tatty and need extensive paintwork and body repairs, mechanical reconditioning and interior work. They will show signs of poor quality repairs and be in part non-original. They will have had many owners and be of high mileage. Further Information Prices have started to rise over the last few years. Provided the standard of engineering is high, modifying a car doesn't reduce its value. The Turbo model is worth roughly double the value of the standard model. The SR/Rallye with manual transmission is considered to be the most desirable standard model. The deluxe with automatic transmission is considered to be the least desirable model.
  16. What do the numbers on the chassis plate mean? The chassis plate is an aluminium plate and is fixed to the body by two rivets. Location It is located on the offside front (drivers side in the UK) chassis rail in front of the brake servo and close to the exhaust manifold. This page shows the information you can discover about your Manta A from it. Chassis number e.g. 599976542 This is an x or xx digit number which carries three pieces of information. Model Code Year Code Sequential Serial Number 59 9 976542 The 1st & 2nd digits describe the model of the car, UK cars should be 59 which means Manta A 'L' . Other numbers could be 57 - Manta A USA or 58 - Manta A. The 3rd digit shows the approximate year of manufacture as described in the following table: Year Code Year Produced 2 1970 - August 1972 9 August 1972 - August 1973 8 August 1973 - August 1974 5 August 1974 - August 1975 The remaining xx digits are a body serial number. So our example 599976542, is a Manta A 'L' produced between August 1972 and August 1973 of serial no. 976542 Body Colour code & Trim code This is a letter followed by two groups of three digits which carry two pieces of information. The 1st group of three numbers tell you the paint code/colour 2nd group of three numbers tells you the trim colour. This information can be summarised in the table below: Paint Code Colour Trim Code Cloth Colour Trim Code Vinyl Colour 416 Arctic White 301 311 341 351 391 Beige Blue Red Black Black 711 721 741 751 791 Blue Light Gray Red Black Black 408 Sierra Beige 301 341 351 Beige Red black 721 741 751 Light Gray Red Black 446 Citrus Yellow 301 351 Beige Black 751 791 Black Black 411 Ochre 351 391 Black Black 751 791 Black Black 529 Flame Red 351 391 Black Black 751 791 Black Black 503 Cardinal Red 341 351 391 Red Black Black 721 741 751 791 Light Gray Red Black Black 530 Tarragona Red 205 Logo Blue 311 351 Blue Black 711 751 Blue Black 204 Cosmos Blue 311 351 Blue Black 711 751 791 Blue Black Black 134 Granite Grey 311 341 351 Blue Red Black 711 741 751 Blue Black Black 404 Sahara Gold Metallic 301 351 391 Beige Black Black 721 751 791 Light Gray Black Black 235 Monza Blue Metallic 311 351 391 Blue Black Black 711 721 751 791 Blue Light Gray Black Black 412 Bronze Metallic 351 391 Black Black 721 751 791 Light Gray Black Black 304 Pampus Green Metallic 301 351 391 Beige Black Black 721 751 791 Light Gray Black Black 135 Silver Metallic 311 341 351 391 Blue Red Black Black 711 741 751 791 Blue Black Black Black 420 Costarica Brown 301 351 451 Beige Black Black 721 751 791 Light Gray Black Black
  17. mantaray

    Manta Resto

    if you are not bothered about it being 4 linked, then you can mount it like the original axle.i have a 4ha axel on my A using all the original mounting points.
  18. Box has gone away for the rebuild, so while the engine is out, I have decided to give it a bit of a freshen up. Altho the cam belt has only done about 2k it is over 14 years old, so new cam kit was ordered. Changing the cam belt will also give me the chance to swop the current "A" Ex cams for some "G" cams. New cam seals fitted. New kit fitted and all timed up. It was a good job that I did strip the engine down, as on removing the clutch cover I found that the drive plate was starting to break up. More expense to get an upgraded clutch kit.
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