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  1. Hi! Thanks, I think I'll stay with a street legal Monza with LSD if it's easy to find. I'll keep this thread updated. I'm going to see the Monza tomorrow morning and if it's ok, I'll have it soon to start repairing it (the owner said it's missing the fuel pump and the brakes are not working well). Thanks again for all your comments! PS: Nice video by the way, hope to be able to do something similar in the future. Too much time waiting is driving me nuts!
  2. Thanks. I'm going to get the Monza and once I have it I'll check if it has LSD as the owner isn't sure. I suppose that means it won't have but let's see... Regarding the Z20LEH, if I keep it it would be to fit it in the Manta but here 1.8 Manta's were not sold so I would have to search for the them abroad. Which kind of 4 speed gearbox could I fit to the Z20LEH? From which car I mean? There's a mate that has fitted a Z20LEH on a Kadett so I'll ask him too. Tak!
  3. Thanks Jason b, then I think I'll buy the Monza for drifting as I can always upgrade it with the 24v engine and keep the Manta for street use. Best regards!
  4. If I buy the Monza, one would have to pass MOT and the other one would be, as you say, anything-goes-project. I forgot to say that I also have a Z20LEH (without gearbox) from a broken Opel Astra OPC but I'm not sure if I can fit it in the Monza, not searched for info yet. To fit it in the Manta, I think it might be similar to fitting a C20XE or a C20LET as the block is very similar, if not the same, right? But this would require a difficult to find gearbox, modifying the engine bay, etc. If using the Z20LEH is too complicated, I will sell it and use the money to upgrade the Manta and/or Monza if I finally buy it. As you can see, I have too many options but for what you're telling me, I think I'll use the Monza for drift and the Manta for a big project (with or without MOT, still have to decide depending of its cost). Thanks very much for your help mate, tak!
  5. Thanks! I've found an Opel Monza from 1981, the 3.0E version which I think has 180hp but I'm not sure if it also has LSD. I know it's a heavier engine but I don't know if the extra power will be enough for drifting (newbie). The reason is that i'ts cheap and I can get the whole car, so I'm not sure if swapping the engine to the Manta would be better (because the Manta is lighter and smaller than the Monza) or better to stick with the Monza and forget the Manta for drifting purposes. Just the Lexmaul RAM for my current engine costs more than the Opel Monza! Best regards!
  6. So after reading the whole topic, to drift what's better: A) Opel Manta with tuned 2.0E (mine has now 2.2 block with 2.0 head) Opel Manta with 3.0E from Monza C) Stock Monza with 3.0E I've found a cheap Monza from 1981 with this engine and I'm considering a swap or just buying the whole car. I'm not sure if the 3.0E from 1981 has LSD or not. Can't find information. Thanks!
  7. Thanks montza! Regarding the sports camshaft, which one can I fit as I'm a newbie in these issues and because I have a 2.0 head on a 2.2 block, I don't know what to search (camshaft for 2.0 or 2.2). Lastly, regarding the carbs. Mine is a GTE with electronic injection, so changing to carbs would mean a modification in the car's legal documentation, higher consumption and I'm not sure if it's worth doing it. Maybe this way would be easier to tune the mixture... am I right? If I leave electronic injection, how can I adjust it? As I believe the default one is not tunable. I've also thought about changing exhaust manifold for a 4-2-1 and also the intake manifold with a Lexmaul RAM. Would that be worth its cost? Sorry for asking so much, but when I search for an answer, I get two new questions Best regards!
  8. I think I saw a website selling parts to install a red top on an Opel Manta. Would they work for a Z20LEH too? Anywhere to find comparison between red top and Z20LEH blocks?
  9. Do you mean that the Z20LEH engine should fit straight forward to the Manta chassis or to the Manta/Omega gearbox? If it's to the gearbox, people say they need a 1.8 Manta gearbox to fit a red top so I suppose I would have to look for one of this or an Omega one... but which one from the Omega? 1.8 engine Mantas were not sold here so I think it would be easier to look for an Omega gearbox. To fit the Manta chassis, I suppose I should need some mods as needed to fit a red top to the Manta, right? Thanks!
  10. I think the previous owner leaved this unmodified because I already asked him time ago, so I'll check where you say. I have little notions about this so I'll have to learn a bit... no problem Sorry for the question, but what's Manta Magic? Thanks!
  11. I have an Opel Manta 2.0 GT/E and a spare Z20LEH without gearbox. Any news regarding this swap? I've already imagined that I would need the Z20LET ecu and remap, that's not a problem, but what about the gearbox? If the block is similar to the 20XE and Z20LET, would it then fit more or less in an easy way? Salut!
  12. Oh, I forgot to say that I also have a Z20LEH from an Opel Astra OPC / Vauxhall Astra VXR. I won't go the canbus way but I think that I might be able to use the electronic part from an Opel Calibra or any other Z20LET, what do you think? I don't have the gearbox and I don't know which one would fit this engine in the Manta :-? Salut!
  13. Thanks! manta400john, it's from an electrical fan the car had from a previous owner. mantaman, the color is not original. It's original color was white, as in the rims. In fact, I think I'll change it's color once I repair the body, which has some rust. Can anyone help me with the engine? http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/30369-22-block-with-20-head/page__fromsearch__1 Salut!
  14. Hi! The Opel Manta GT/E i bought has some engine modifications. Previous owner changed the block with one from an Opel Rekord 2.2 and kept the same head from the 2.0. This is good for local MOT because they don't see the difference but I haven't found any information about this mod and I'm not sure if it's better to make a swap with a red top or try to improve it. It also has a custom exhaust and direct air intake, so I'll try to put the car on a RR as soon as possible. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi! I bought an Opel Manta GT/E a few months ago and I'm starting to repair it and prepare it too. Here are some pics of it: http://tempesta.catalanopalestina.org/2011/02/24/opel-manta-gte/ Salut!
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