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  1. Ah yes ok I do mind reading about permanent pins jointed for the lamba. Ah ok I get you now, so the light will only flash when switched on if there is a fault then?
  2. Ya keeping all original for now any way, Yes that’s the plan hope to get it out on the runs. Yes I had read that the lamba can be done with out did you just wire up a switch so it would be run with are without it with the flick of the switch? The flash codes that’s still using the we diagnosis tool to read? No lsd at the minute but I want to get one, just a bit of an expense at the minute. i got them right beside were I got the car Hass auto sport.
  3. 4 branch fitted and wrapped. also lamba sensor fitted to exhaust
  4. Yes just the 400 stickers I have them all got and they are ready to go on when I get back home and get car on road. Must up load more pic I have the car well on the way now.
  5. Yes that was his name, nice man, can’t wait to show him the car done. Cant say I know him, but that is a Lovely looking car, I’d say would look great out on stage.
  6. Thanks , Yes it was a man Donegal direction I think 🤔 lol It’s been a wile from a bought the car but I told him I’d bring it down when it’s built to show him it. Who’s car is that?
  7. Getting the engine sprayed up and fitted.
  8. Building back up after painting New gaz shocks and 15”rev’s got and fitted
  9. Another update on my manta 400 it’s well under way now but sorry I’m slow in posting photos for yes all to look at. Getting all panels and shell ready for paint. Body and panels painted
  10. inside and the engine bay sprayed white.
  11. under side was done with the raptor bed liner.
  12. Few pic of the work under the lights to close the big gap between the bumper and lights.
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