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  1. Can any one tell me the ecu pin for the air idle control valve, the 2 pin plug? I have no voltage going to it and need trace wire back but can’t find we’re it is in the ecu?
  2. I know this is an old comment but I want to do the same with my c20xe on coil pk the brown/blue wire pin 22 brown/yellow wire pin 13 are the both found in these 2 plugs in the picture
  3. When u say you can turn illuminated stitch of what do u mean by that?
  4. Yes got it running now, it just doesn’t prime on ignition, but it dose start as it’s fueling on crank. Dose yours prime up on ignition? Yes I have ran an o2 sensor, I found out after I connected it up I could run with out lol. the diagnostics light what colour is it and is it just that wire and an earth to make it work? yes I have a fan just running it of a switch, handy when on long city runs.
  5. I think I have it sorted Wired the blue fuel pump wire into the red/blue wire in the relay it’s not the thick 4mm red/blue wire but the thinner red/blue wire I believe it’s the feed to the injectors. Pump runs on crank now but not on ignition. The car was a standard 2.0gte I replaced it with the c20xe. Should the car still have its own fuel relay along with the c20xe relay?? as I just have the one, here is the pic of the relay. 2nd pic is we’re I wired the pump into
  6. No I have just put the engine in the manta so I’m not sure what way it ran before. The manta has the standard 2.0gte in it. I have the blue fuel pump wire from the many loom connected to the thick 4mm red/blue wire going into the relay. And then the small red/blue wire that’s on green plug I haven’t got it connected yet at all.
  7. Ok in order for it to cut out when the car stalls dose the thin red/blue wire that is on the square green plug on the c20xe loom have to be connected to any we’re? Cuz at the min the pump still runs on ignition which means at the min when I stall the pump still runs? Pump sounds good. Dose people run an adjustable fuel regulator? Are dose it matter?
  8. I’m running the standard c20xe injection system. With standard 2.0 GTE manta pump.
  9. Can any one help me my Opel manta b with a c20xe, well the fuel pump runs all the time on ignition. It should just prime up and cut out until cranking happens am I right?
  10. Is the tape end at 29cm the centre of the mirror base plate?
  11. Ah yes ok I do mind reading about permanent pins jointed for the lamba. Ah ok I get you now, so the light will only flash when switched on if there is a fault then?
  12. Ya keeping all original for now any way, Yes that’s the plan hope to get it out on the runs. Yes I had read that the lamba can be done with out did you just wire up a switch so it would be run with are without it with the flick of the switch? The flash codes that’s still using the we diagnosis tool to read? No lsd at the minute but I want to get one, just a bit of an expense at the minute. i got them right beside were I got the car Hass auto sport.
  13. 4 branch fitted and wrapped. also lamba sensor fitted to exhaust
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