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  1. Hi Wonder if anyone can offer any help... The dashboard temperature gauge on my Opel Manta GTE Exec Coupe is flying into the red only a few miles into every outing. I have had the water pump checked, the radiator checked, the cylinder head gasket is good (no water in the oil) and two different thermostats fitted with no success. The most recent attempt to sort this problem was to fit a new Engine Temp Sensor. Still no resolution. The Engine temp sensor was a white unit and my mechanic has suggested that there could be other engine temp sensors with different ratings available... Any ideas? I am really nervous about taking the car out at the moment... I am a new member (rejoined...) I bought my Manta in 2000, and had her restored by Andy Turner in 2012. I live in Dumfries, Scotland and would be really interested to hear of any mechanical expertise in the area who could help me maintain her...
  2. Hi! Can anyone recommend a cover for my Opel Manta G.T.E Exclusive? I want to keep covered on the driveway, but be able to access the car easily when I decide to (occasionally) use. The current cover (Halfords February 2012) ripped in the high winds a couple of weeks ago
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