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  1. Thanks for the welcome Norman, I'm not sure who the previous owners are, I've spoken to a lad on facebook who restored it a few years back, that might be the same guy?
  2. No mate it's been gone a few years now, had a gold 4 door ghia for a while after the beige one then got the yellow RS 3 years ago. The yellow one is a keeper.......probably That is stunning. Definitely the direction I'll be going. Really liking this too.
  3. Its pretty decent thanks, will need the paint and the vinyl roof looked at in the future but for now its fine. You've hit the nail on the head for my plans lol. Lowering springs on order already and I've been looking at wheels, seen some nice 13x8 ATS classics but I will probably get the rostyles banded over winter. This is my other old motor, love a lowered classic
  4. Got this home today Drove it 250 miles up the road, very happy. Couple of niggles as can be expected but nothing major so far. I'll get it up on the ramp over the weekend for a proper look underneath. Renewed my lapsed membership too. It's great to be back!
  5. Hi Folks, I've been a member and forum user on and off since 2012, I previously had a wee berlinetta hatch in red which I stupidly sold in 2017. I've been looking for an excuse to get back into Manta ownership ever since and yesterday a really nice early B coupe popped up on Facebook for sale. I had a chat with the owner and took a punt on it, picking it up later this week. Will update with pictures when I get it up the road and renew my OC membership. Cheers!
  6. Yes mate it's a mk1 gte 1.8 head i've got I've already got the head so need a 1.8 manifold to suit It's a 1.8 engine, just doing a few mods to perk it up a bit
  7. No I think it's a bit different to the one I need, I need one for a 1.8 8v astra mk1. Thanks anyway
  8. Got some dellortos, still looking for an inlet manifold
  9. msjrb5

    No Gain

    Here's a possible alternative for you Julian, Autoaid breakdown. http://www.autoaidbreakdown.co.uk/ I've been with them for 3 years although I've never needed to use them. They work on a slightly different format than AA ect but the price difference is amazing and customer reviews are generally good. There is no age limit for vehicles either. Hope this helps!
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a complete conversion for my 1.8 I will be fitting an Astra GTE head and I want to change the carb so I am looking for an inlet manifold and twin 40s. Anything considered. Thanks! Martyn
  11. I've seen this car a few times as it's not far away from me, paint is terrible but the car is solid and has been very well looked after, it's had quite a price drop, it was for sale for + £5k last year. Ohhh, if only I had the spare cash
  12. I've changed to Adrian Flux this year too, £80 for the Manta fully comp and £160 for my extensively modified mk2 escort, great value for money and very nice people to deal with over the phone
  13. Wow what a find! Welcome to the club mate!
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