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  1. Guys, Has anyone got a complete front wiper motor/linkages including the rubbers and plastic nuts that attach it to the scuttle panel for a Manta B Also the rubber retainer block that the bonnet stay folds into Thanks
  2. I have complete 1.8 axle Tim, minus couple of brackets, i'm in Bristol just come and collect no charge. Sorted enough stuff out for me in the past!
  3. WOW, with buyers premium just sold for £15,544!.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-Opel-Manta-Coupe-1-9/303583981856?hash=item46af03f120:g:PgAAAOSwN5Ve1KaK Guess its the one Carl and Danny restored.
  5. bris jas


    I have 180lb coilovers on mine, not had a proper shake down as yet but this is what i was recommended to use.
  6. Andy thats looking great, clean fabrication work there. Nice pic's of the arch repair stage by stage. Sure the panel kept pretty straight!
  7. Jess here are a couple of pic's, think your agree pretty clear vision. To be honest we have a new Mini with heated front screen and this is no different apart from no tint.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GT-Exclusive-1-8-Hatch-Classic-Car-Retro/283869355018?hash=item4217ee9c0a:g:m4oAAOSw1s9esmTW GTE Trim Looks like its had work done in the past but needs sorting again now.
  9. bris jas

    Manta Hatch

    I usually get my Superpro bushes through Tim at TJM Motorsport, he can supply full suspension kits or just what you need.
  10. Fitted it on Friday, all went well and the fitment was spot on. It comes with 2 circuits in the windscreen, they have to be wired up seperatley through 25 amp relays.
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