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  1. Nice fabrication work there!๐Ÿ‘
  2. Nice bit of fabrication work there๐Ÿ‘
  3. I was tempted when i first seen it for sale, don't see many of these come up for sale in any condition, good luck with the build.
  4. Sure was the one i sold, really gutted for Kurtis and trying to help where i can. Had the car for years, did track days and drove it to many meets. Never nice when you sell something and this sort of thing happens, really hope he gets it sorted as wouldn't want to see it sold for spares.
  5. Thanks for the kind words! Yes i did sell the V8, been in contact with the guy who bought it, he's been on a few track days but unfortunately he blew the engine yesterday, hopefully he'll get it sorted soon.
  6. A chap here in Bristol, he did a great job. Another member put me onto him and very reasonable price compared to quotes i had last year at a couple of shows
  7. Guys i've been crap at updated this thread, cars moved on loads and today passed its Mot ๐Ÿ‘ The interior was reworked, blitz cloth and black leather. Rear shelf was carpeted to match the bottom of the door cards, heated front screen just in case as i had removed the heatbox. Wheels were bespoke ordered, took sometime because of lock down but all good in the end and fit spot on. Tyres how ever were a challenge as i went with 16" wheels especially for the rears but ended up with 245/45/16 which actually look right. Took it to its first mapping session couple of weeks ago, not sure what to expect as it hadn't turned a wheel until then, thankfully all went well. Its got a base map now so i can just gently run the engine in then back for a full on tune. Couple of bits to finish off but almost there
  8. Ian the rods fit both sides into small plastic cups into holes , the piece of foam to the rear is to pack out the rollover bar and the thinner one further forward is to protect the roof skin from one of the bars, The plettes in the headliner give you an idea of how many and rough locations of the bars Hope that helps and makes some sense!
  9. Couple of pic's from my build Ian, they may give you some idea.
  10. Hi Carl, Is the wiper motor complete with rubbers and plastic nuts that hold it upto the scuttle panel? Thanks
  11. Guys, Still looking for a wiper motor and linkage? Also a 2.0 GTE Injection throttle cable. Thanks Jason
  12. Looking good, your doing some great fabrication work there!
  13. Guys, Has anyone got a complete front wiper motor/linkages including the rubbers and plastic nuts that attach it to the scuttle panel for a Manta B Also the rubber retainer block that the bonnet stay folds into Thanks
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