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  1. That fits in well, sure your get it sorted for Sywell Paul. House looks great, bonus with the double garage or was it garage first and house was a bonus😉
  2. Thanks just seen it on the facebook page.
  3. Guys is there a discount code for the above event. Thanks
  4. Hi Ian, Thats a pain after all your hard work. Check the door seal, any damage to it, did you replace it, also front windscreen can be an issue, did you seal it after putting it back in. Check there isn't a hole in the a pillar for the aerial cable if not used, look up under the wing. Sometimes water can go down in side the door and run out over the top of the door seal, check for any drips there. Good Luck
  5. It states no rust, is that a hole in the drivers footwell to inner a pillar!!
  6. Welcome back to Manta ownership Bruce, as Dave mentioned above a few of us are local to you so hopefully meet up one day soon. Are you fitting the bonnet scoop to the silver one?😁
  7. fingers crossed but so far looking ok, best get a view more wire brushes though😂
  8. Glad you had a great day, i loved my manta V8 track car. Hopefully the oil pressure will be a straight forward fix, as mentioned try the pressure relief valve, also check the pump gears are ok not to worn, also the bottom of the dissy that pics up the pump gear isn't split, this happened on mine after i sold it, luckily cheap easy fix by the current owner, although i hadn't heard of this happening before.
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