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  1. They seem to be universal ones as he has same listed for other cars, i guess if size is right should be fine.
  2. I did think about a saab engine for my build, i was told they are harder to fit as the engine is that much taller, have you come across this?
  3. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Berlinetta-Hatchback-1983-car/233406910268?hash=item365822cf3c:g:45wAAOSwDs9d0nRe £8000.00 Starting Auction. Asking that much you would hope for a detailed description but again No!
  4. I believe all of those panels are availalable, thing is people know what the exclusives are worth now once restored properly. Although the higher prices are achieved with history of the car ie old mots, how many owners, original bill of sale etc, it does look bad but i think worth saving, can't be any worst than my GTE i restored apart from the boot floor which was solid!
  5. See what you mean with the old repairs, are you planning on cutting this out and starting again? At least then you would know it was done properly, that would be my way forward. Good Luck!
  6. Nice bit of work there Andy
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-S-Reg-Opel-Manta-B-Series-1-9-Berlinetta-Coupe-Superb-Condition-Non-Sunroof/202803358639?hash=item2f3805abaf:g:tEgAAOSwu1Fdqx8f Looks very clean! Non Sunroof. £10,995.00
  8. Jess, sorry but i'm keeping it as a spare
  9. Wow can't believe i haven't updated this for so long! Although i have been cracking on with the car. So metal work all finished, i then i had to fit the kit properly, although it fitted well there was still a lot of fettling to be done just to make sure the kit fits where it should and gaps are spot on. Heres the full kit i bought First test fit to see what was what! I used a different bonnet that i had as this fitted a lot better, the other would fit but needed a lot more work. As i had decided to fit the lamp pod, (always had a soft spot for spotlamps). I picked up a pod but really should of looked into this more, the one i got was in 2 sections but the mould quality was poor so took me a lot longer to fit how i wanted it. First job was to cut out the front upper panel between the lights Then offered up the lamp pod, well that was a laugh almost welded the front panel back in again😡. Well after lots of shaving twecking etc i got it fitting well This was only half of it as i now had to fit the lower section into the bumper, can't recall how many times i measured to make sure it was spot on, once cut and fitted just with tape at this point. It would take lots of prep to get it looking well with the bumper, before that i fibreglassed it into the bumper. Here it is fitted with just i pair of lights to see all was ok, don't get me started on the fabrication needed behind to get these lights fitted! Fitted the rear end back up and the Irmscher spoiler sections to the top of the 1/4s, always do a test fit before paint as easier to put things right now if needed. Then it was onto a case of getting the first coat of 2k primer on. So first coat on with a good dust coat to show up any imperfections when sanding down. Ok so after spending ages flatting the whole car down including the kit etc i then gave it a 2nd coat of 2k primer. I haven't done the engine bay as yet because this will need a bit of fabrication work for the engine, intercooler etc and new pedal box. This is the engine i'm fitting!!! I'll update the thread sooner next time🤞
  10. Just had this back from the seller. Hi The Manta is a UK registered car from new which was previously owned by an elderly lady, I have owned it since Sept 2007, the milage is genuine (had done 16800 when I purchased it) l have all original books to car, but service book only filled in for first 3 years, I have 12 previous mot certificates the first being 1996, there are 2 Keys. In 2009 the paintwork was refreshed with full glass out respray & the rust free underside was black waxoyled, there is just very slight blistering at bottom of nearside rear wheel arch at rear of wheel but is only minor (see attached photo), there are no scratches or dents, boot area is mint, there is some wear on material on right hand side of drivers seat back (see attached photo), but no holes in material and no other marks on interior. There is light corrosion on the underside of the front chassis legs below the front subframe rear mounting point. The car had four new uniroyal tyres and four new shock absorbers 1000 miles ago. Car had brand new Weber carb conversion in 2009. Cobra alarm and has been kept in a private garage.
  11. Glad to see your back, did wonder how the build was going, take it easy though!
  12. bris jas

    400 bonnet

    Got a brand new one i bought with a 400 kit but don't need it, would be collection only i'm based in Bristol, any good?
  13. This stuff works, used it on my Irmsher rear boot spoiler, add it to the 2k primer and top coat. ORDER DATE 09 Sep, 2019 1 item sold by propaintproducts ORDER TOTAL £9.99 Order 2K ELASTIC 250ML PAINT FLEXIBLE AGENT ADDITIVE PLASTIC BUMPER TRIM DASH PRIMER Return this item - ORDER DATE 09 Sep, 2019Leave Feedback - ORDER DATE 09 Sep, 2019 More actions - ORDER DATE 09 Sep, 2019 2K ELASTIC 250ML PAINT FLEXIBLE AGENT ADDITIVE PLASTIC BUMPER TRIM DASH PRIMER ( 332815848601 ) Delivered on 13 Sep, 2019 Tracking number: Tracking number9365684286066584 This item has been dispatched. Add note ITEM PRICE: £9.99
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