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  1. Great buy, is it just the shell or are the other bits with it?
  2. I'm glad the car is as good as i was hoping, your cracking on well with it. Which seller on Ebay did you get the lamps from and do you know if they sell the adjuster screws as well?
  3. Back up again at £3250.00 Buy it now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-manta-400r-track-car-turbo-project-unfinished-restoration/264434873096?hash=item3d918bf308:g:wZ0AAOSwjrZdSbcH
  4. Just heads up this sold at Anglia auctions in July for £1020.00 and was described as a non runner. Be interesting to see what it makes on Ebay.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Ascona-2-0-Gte-1977-Unique-Stunning-condition/273963531502?hash=item3fc97fbcee:g:x70AAOSwCg9dUF0W
  6. Welcome a long Nick, as the guys mentioned above you can get so much help from the club once you've joined. Looking forward to seeing the build! Get some pic's up when you can.
  7. The top links came with the rose joints, Ebay.
  8. As the bottom of the car is finished and the rear axle installed i then started on the front, again it was fully powdered coated and new or treated bolts used. New bushes and steering gaitors. The springs are 40mm lowered, i have fitted these before and have liked the stance of the car. Just a heads up on the rear axle, if you ever get one powdered coated and blasted make sure you removed the crown and pinion and ball bearing races, i removed the half shafts and axle cover then masked all open sections, the guy who blasted it then masked again just to make sure. When i got it back the the crown and pinion were very hard to turn, i washed out the axle but it just got worst and wouldn't turn, nightmare! I stripped it right down and found all the bearings full of the fine blasting material, took me half a day and 6 cans of SAS spray to clean out the bearings, all back in now and turning freely. So onto the doors, the n/s just needed a small plate and forgot to take a pic of that. O/s door was shot along the bottom, i did see a few doors for sale but all were around £100 and needed small bits of repair. So decided to fix mine, it fitted so well on the hinges and the gaps were good so worth trying to keep it. First i got hold of a donour door, only one i could get was a n/s, removed the lower frame, o/s and n/s lower inner frames are very similiar apart from the front and rear sections where they curve up around the corners With lower frame removed New lower frame istalled and outer skin cut back to solid metal, this is where the fun begins. So i had to make my own lower door skin with retun flange. Above is a piece of metal i removed from the donor door, 10mm bigger top and bottom, the 10mm at the bottom will be the returned flange and 10mm at the top will stepped as below. I then clamped the metal to an old spirit level and carefully planished the bottom lip around to make the start of the flange Once done checked the measuremants against the door and welded it in place Welding about an inch at a time to stop any heat distortion, i would also after 10 welds planish the area using hammer and dolly just to help keep the panel straight, anyway all went to plan and came out a treat. I then planished the bottom flange around the bottom of the frame and added welds about 6" apart. Then put the door back on and kept my fingers crossed🤞 Couple of raised areas to address but looks great and gaps spot on! I have a few more pic's of the door on the car but ran out of MB's space and can't seem to add any more even if i do a new reply! Anyway panels all finished now, just refitted the boot and all fit well, next job it onto fitting the bodykit. Never done one before buy quite looking forward to it! Yes i seam welded them all around and also the small cap on the top, my track manta has the same set up but the tops are connected to a cage, never had any issues with that and the project car will never get anywhere near the stress that the track one does. When you say Rods?
  9. I haven't fitted any seats in as yet, car is long way off from being finished, the small raised sections shouldn't cause an issue though. Here are some pic's of the rear axle, fresh back from being powdered coated I'm using adjustable top links for ease of setting up, all new bushes installed ready to fit back into the car. All fitted back in with new or treated bolts/nuts etc. Coilovers installed, this may need a shorter spring but i'll wait until car is on the ground with wheels before i play around with that. I made my own adjustable panard rod, i used the fixing from the manta axle onto the volvo which was pretty straight forward, this way both ends are manta bushes, just makes life easier. Hope the pictures help!
  10. Not everyones cup of tea but could be a great base to start with! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/classic-car/233304722347?hash=item36520b8bab:g:KmQAAOSwIehdRdkA
  11. Great to hear the under side is pretty solid, thought that might of been the case with how good the arches looked etc. Good luck with the build
  12. No i don't mate, give me a call when your ready and i can talk you through how i did mine.
  13. I didn't as long way from me as well, i don't think you paid to much for it either as non sunroof shell and earlier metal you may be ok, and like you said you've always wanted one in this colour scheme. Looking at the pictures you may be lucky and find most of the issues on the top but of course there will be the usual underneath but hopefully no to bad, both rear arches look good! Looking forward to seeing the pic's when you get it home. Good luck!
  14. Well done on your purchase, i did have a bid on it but you won well done! Did you go and see the car?
  15. Hi Mick,

    Do you by any chance know the chap selling this, i have contacting him through ebay but no joy so far?



    1. Mickfrad


      No I don’t sorry he was an active member on the omoc but not recently. Probably well known to a few people in the club 

  16. Andy, your car looked great the weekend. Paint job is spot on and i was very impressed with the sunroof. Well done for getting it done in time for Sywell, i may of put a cheeky vote on it😉
  17. Wayne, i'm guessing you mean 2k? Its paint which you add a hardener to and if needed small amount of thinners, the paint supplier can explain all this to you. You can spray it at home but you will need a air fed mask or a mask that is recommended for this type of paint as the hardener can be harmfull to your health, make sure you have good ventalation in your garage. The end result will give you a shinnier finish than cellulose, it will air dry in the current temperatures but will take a couple of days and even more to harden properly. Better long term as well.
  18. bris jas

    Track Manta

    Handles very well, i fabricated a new bulkhead so i could move the engine back so as to be central over the front suspension.
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLASSIC-1973-OPEL-MANTA-75-bhp-1900-SR-RED-5-SPEED-MANUAL-PROJECT-REPAIRS-84k/183869850872?hash=item2acf7f44f8:g:1hgAAOSwUPxdHPOt Needs a lot of work.
  20. bris jas

    Track Manta

    I didn't do this set up Billy, but am on the next. I had it done few years ago, the turrets kept the same but the tops are attached via a custom cage. I have driven it on the road but bit noisey with the hard suspension. I've attached a couple of pic's
  21. bris jas

    Track Manta

    I'm running up front 40mm lowered spax springs with adjustable shocks 16", 5 stud Volvo rims. Saab turbo calipers. Rear - Volvo locker diff, 4 linked plus adjustable panard rod, came with Volvo calipers and disc. Coilovers Engine is 4.0 V8 Running Bias pedal box which goes through a remote servo, works very well. Just came back from the track today at Castle Combe
  22. Just to add to Iains advice above, before masking go around the whole car, every joint, seal etc and blow out with an air line. What i always do as well is blow the floor of the garage out after i've swepted it, make sure this is done the day before you paint, then wet it before you lay on the first coat (making sure not to splash any on the car)!
  23. Wasn't this one up for sale last month, thought it sold though!
  24. bris jas

    Mike's Manta.

    Looks great Mike, you must be well happy to get her home, like i mentioned before the details on finishing makes the difference between an A or B restoration, yours looks A+! Where did you get the cover from and is water proof or more like an internal dust cover?
  25. Can't believe i haven't updated my thread since April, where does the time go! Next job now that the shell is rust free and solid was to fit the Volvo 240 rear axle, this is how it was And after i had removed the bits i didn't need for fitting So first i offered it up to the car to see how far away the mounting points were compared to the original manta, yep no where near and nothing i could use apart from the body mount for the panard rod. Once the axle was cental between the arches i then took loads of measurements to ensure the axle was square and in the correct position, once happy with that i then went about making up new mounting sections The nut will recess into the chassis leg as i want the bracket to fit flush for maximum welding I tacked them in place first then refitted the axle to make sure all measurements were ok, all good so welded them in, also added a strengthing plate between the 2. For ease i removed the panard rod mount from the manta axle and fitted to the Volvo axle, this way i can just use manta bushes on both ends. As the mount on the Volvo axle is closer to the centre than the manta one i made up an adjustable panard, this will also help to get the axle set up later on. (i forgot to take any pic's of this but will once back from the power coaters!). As i want to fit rear seat to the manta i didn't want box sections inside so for the upper arms, after lots of thought alignment i managed to position the mounting points so i only had to make very shallow covering sections. Final fitment of the axle to make sure all clears and sits where it should. I couldn't get the spring and shock to work as they are located the other way around to the manta and the chassis was just in the way so i've had coilovers made, they will mount in the original shock inner arch mount position, i seamed welded this for extra strength so should be ok as my track manta is set up the same (although does have a cage) never had an issue there. The rear and front axles have been completely stripped, all bushes removed ready for superpro bushes after its all been powder coated, just to mention the rear anti roll bar goes around the rear of the axle and attaches to both lower arms and not the body. Once all happy i then finished prepping the underbody, checking all seems with sealer before masking up and spraying in Upol Raptor. Just got the newly dipped and treated bolts etc back today, so just waiting on the suspension parts back from the powder coaters then i can fit them both suspensions up and get them back on the car. Next stage after that will be to drop the car onto stands and start to fit the kit!! Hope your still awake after reading all this 🤞.
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