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  1. Hi guys, i realise these are like rocking horse poo but has anyone got a set they would part with? Thanks Mark
  2. Hi, i am looking for a pair of working headlight wiper motors if anyone can help. Need them to finish off returning my coupe to original spec. Many thanks Mark
  3. Hi I am still looking for a black trim too if there's one spare. Thanks
  4. Hi Mantaray, How much would you like for it? Do you think it will make it via mail without damage? Regards Mark
  5. Never been to Rhyl but if there's a lesser spotted piece of trim I may be tempted.
  6. Hi Mantaray, is it the chrome or black? Ideally I would like black. Thanks Mark
  7. Hi trying to locate the strip / trim that sits under the headlight between them and the bumper. If anyone has one let me know please. Thanks Mark
  8. Hi yes, top spec As cona was an SR Berlin, I nearly bought one several years ago.
  9. Dave, might not make it as am already at a bbq and am cooking! On the plus side, got my calipers back from Bigg Red and they look great so just need to get them fitted and get her MOT'd.
  10. Membership renewed. Just got to get the brakes sorted!

  11. Hi Clive, welcome to the club. You'll find a lot of help getting what you need. One thing, the late b series did actually have plastic bumpers not chrome. My 1982 Berlinetta had black plastic bumpers and a body moulding along the swage line. Dave Smith has a 1982 Coupe so take a look at his car it's standard and immaculate. Hope this helps. Mark
  12. Nice to meet you all and thanks Paul for the starter motor. Took the Manta for a spin yesterday but brakes are still binding on so will look at bringing forward the refurbishment. Mark
  13. Sounds good to me. I'll try and bring along my father, he's itching to drive to GTE again.
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