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  1. yes it doe on the other side Tuns out the threads were a bit screwed up ran a M10 with 1.5 pitch tap through it and the bolts went in.
  2. Got my little guage from amazon, is this the right thing ?
  3. One on way! Never thought of that thx !!
  4. Got some M10 with a 1.25 pitch to try... no good So M10 pitch 1.5 no good as well. The M9 ones push straight into the holes. I am a bit stuck what to try next.
  5. could it be that the threads were stripped and redone a bigger size ??
  6. My mistake the origional ones are m9. They dont fit the S.A. head.
  7. Hope someone can help me. I bought a replacement engine for my A, its a 1.9 from South Africa. Looks identicle BUT when i come to swap the manifold the bolts dont fit. The origional one has m8 bolts and the S.A. one looks like M10 but the thread seems tight when i put them in. Are these the right bolts ???? TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Thread Size M10 Thread Diameter 10mm Thread Pitch 1.50mm Flange Diameter 21mm Spanner Size 15mm Length (L) 35mm
  8. Think so, but new engine in will see what happens. Just waiting for the exhaust manifold coming back, managed to snap all 6 bolts getting the exhaust off 😞
  9. Thanks for this will go look. The pipe i had on colapsed with the vacume so i guess not the right type.
  10. Any ideas where i can some generic pipe to go from servo to the manifold ? Manta A. Thx
  11. Your right Snowy, its 8mm x 1mm. Ordered 4 new ones off ebay £1.24 free postage ! Thx
  12. had a look on screwfix but they all look a bit corse not fine at all :-(
  13. Can anyone help ? I have lost one of the nuts that bolt the carb to the manifold. They have a 13mm head, i have tried some i found in the garage but the thread is not right. Thanks
  14. Results of my rattle can touch up.....
  15. Got her going again after recent disaster......... New Radiator and fan.
  16. bottom and side mounts both failed.... so rad was floating around
  17. Managed to get one off ebay.
  18. Looking to fit a 5 speed box to my A, anyone got one ? Also need an auto prop to swap for the manual one. Thx
  19. Good question ! I am sure someone will know.
  20. After yesterdays little disaster...... Need a fan.
  21. Thx the rest looks like new, will order one up.
  22. Hi, Will a "B" back box fit an "A" ? I see lots of manta b exhaust parts for sale but not many manta a.
  23. I am still having trouble getting the manta back to life after the rotor arm broke. I have fiddled and changed that much I am sure I must have the basics wrong now Can anyone tell me if the leads are on the distributor in the right order ? Thanks
  24. Was thinking the same myself. Thx
  25. any ideas how to remove the small pipe from rocker box ? It was spit, now come off all together leaving part inside.
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