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  1. Hi how's it going Roger,  Hopefully u got it car finished last year. Looking forward to meeting u at an event in 2016. We are currently planning to  attend Loughgall on 7th May and it would be great to see u there. Loughgall are making a feature of Vauxhall/Opel cars at the event so there should be a good display there to rival the usual Escorts.

    Let me know and keep in touch either on here or I am onfacebook

    Richard McDonald Area Rep NI



    1. eldoradoCoupe


      Hi Richard,  thanks for the invite. No where near finished the manta unfortunately, it's only just gone for paint. I'll head up in my kadett coop to keep the opel numbers up though! I also saw it on ulster vauxhall opel rwd on Facebook. Is it just arrive and park or need to book in?

    2. Richard McDonald

      Richard McDonald

      Don't know as yet Roger but I'll get back to you as soon as I can confirm


  2. Second hand would do if its in reasonable nick and the bronze tint.
  3. Anyone out there have a bronze tinted drivers door glass for an 85 coupe? Richard.
  4. Will post some pics once I get the car out of storage and back to my own garage
  5. Good to be back after over 10 years away. Decided it's time to get my car back on the road after 10 years in storage. Are there any other menbers out there in Nothern Ireland?
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