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  1. yella

    1.8 engine

    No worries. Will sort it soon
  2. yella

    1.8 engine

    Carlos I’m interested. I can come over and pick it up at some point. Can you put a sold sticker on it please.
  3. yella

    1.8 engine

    I’m looking for. 1.8 engine preferable from an auto but not essential. It doesn’t need to have a sump so I’m hoping someone has one lying around that they have taken the sump from for another use. Thanks in advance.
  4. Steve you will have to remind me. I'm sure it's my turn to drive
  5. That'll be me but as I just discussed with Steve, not sure if I can make it until tomorrow afternoon. Will let Steve know.
  6. Adam, what date is it and where is itt be held please. Is it a weekend event? It would be good if we could organise as many cars from the club as possible
  7. yay, ive finally gained access to the forum. for those of you wondering who the hell is this lunatic, its Shaun Broadbent, a regular attendee at Billing, constant freeloader and all round good egg. i took the plunge and decided it was time i actually became a member this year. i dont own a manta nowadays however, in the past i have owned a GT/J back in the late eighties when they were still a modern car. as some of you are aware i have been having forum access issues fr the past two weeks but thanks to the wonderful comittee this has now been solved. let the good times roll
  8. i would just like to say hi, even though i am a new member, i am not new to mantas, i owned an 86 GT/J back in 1992 and have recently been involved in bringing Lewis P's lhd manta back from belgium.
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