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  1. It is with great sadness that Ian passed away today, I find comfort in the fact he called and I spent his last few hours with him at the hospital. He certainly was a character and spent most of his life enjoying his passions of driving trains and of course, Manta's.
  2. Communication channels open! He’s alive and kicking,panic over.
  3. Thanks Danny, being a moderator, can you see when he last logged in?
  4. Morning All Some of you will know my name from over 10 years ago as a ex Manta owner and club member, I have also been friends with Ian Virco for nearly 20 years! Has anyone heard from him of late? I have tried his mobile ending 505 and the txt's and voicemails have gone under answer. I need to reach him urgently and I am hoping some has heard from him? I plan to knock at his home later if anyone has any news on him , can they call me on 07923 037995?
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