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  1. Right, i'm getting somewhere with this axle, I think it's only the one spring cup (touch wood) that needs to be replaced. You never know or I certainly never know whats round the next corner from one week to the next so I'll fix this when I can as it's not desperate. I have spent up this month on my Alternator so at least I have improved one problem on my Manta! Scrapping the idea of trying to get another axle, mine is a good one as far as I know and doesn't make any nasty whines or anything and the other reason is I can't seem to get hold of one. Been up to Chris's for most of the day today to get my alternator sorted and even helped out getting his Omega firing up again!
  2. Okay I will see what I can do in regards to booking an overnight or maybe 2 nights if required up in coventry. Obviously the work needed on my Manta will all have to be confirmed before hand but its definitely something to consider.
  3. Yes very good point there Paul before I started my search looking for an axle I spoke to a few people I know who have Mantas and they said pretty much the same thing. I mean even if I went to see it there wouldn't be any knowing until it is on the Car if it makes any noises or has any faults. So I am still thinking about what to do whilst I am on holiday and see what I can do when I get back. Has no one definitely not got an axle before I make any decisions? If you have please message me. Cheers, Jack.
  4. Hi Paul, I have spoken to Chris Collier about this and if I bought new spring hangers to weld onto my current axle it's going to take several days to do and since he lives nearly 2 hours away from me. He recommended me to buy another axle and it would only take a few hours to change over. I'll tell you what though I'm missing it terrible at the minute.
  5. I need a rear axle for my GT/E Hatch as the one on mine has a problem with one of the spring hangers. How much are they and are they still available? Cheers Jack
  6. Also you get people who really want to help keep your Manta sound and saved and they will give you invaluable advice on how to keep it on the road. That's what car clubs are about. Making friends, meeting like minded people and helping each other as much as possible.
  7. Another reason to join is the great friends you meet who share a passion for the Manta.
  8. Very nice Manta I think the owner is very hand with bodywork and has done some good bodywork on it, no doubt it's solid.
  9. I wish I could keep mine dry stored in a nice warm garage, only got a parking space with a car cover. I think the Exclusive of yours is the on I would have all day if I could choose. Do you keep it and never really use it to preserve it?
  10. Your Manta collection is unbelievable Brady, I don't know how you do it. I barely keep one on the road financially and wow your Exclusive with 9K on the clock! Must be one of the most original out there.
  11. Oh yes it was great chatting to you at Billing, I'll have to give you a call when I'm at the NEC it's a big place
  12. There certainly is a lot of 400 kitted Mantas on that site.
  13. Your I200 is one of the Mantas I haven't seen but would love to.
  14. That Manta is the thing of dreams for Manta men and ladies. Great way to advertise a cover too.
  15. That looks great, not bad money for 65.43
  16. Yeah they might have needed a lick of jenolite
  17. Coming on very nicely
  18. Oh right, it's a Berlinetta Coupe tank? No worries hope you get one sorted.
  19. Hi there, As far as I know there is one for sale on eBay. I looked yesterday it's been on a bit now. Hope this helps, Jack
  20. Hi Dave, not sure if i'll have the money by then because I've got the Mantas insurance to pay. I'll let you know as soon as I've got the money.
  21. Jack

    rip off

    Yes Julian it's just something I will have to struggle through for several years until I put some years on.
  22. I'll come down for a visit if I get enough money saved up. It's a bit of a journey for me.
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