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  1. Hi guys, need some help... is anyone in the Burnley area that would be kind enough to collect a wing for me, package it up and send it to me? I'm desperate to buy it from ebay but can't justify an 8 hour round trip! OR If someone has a good sportshatch wing passenger side (no indicator hole) I would be interested!
  2. successfully removed last night! Took a bit of jiggling once the bolts were removed but its out and now my floor is all painted ready for my new interior. Cheers guys.
  3. How does it come out? The seat back that is, the base I have removed easily but I have no idea how the seat back is removed. Its seams to be on hinges but I've no idea how to remove it. I haven't found any good info on how to remove a hatch rear seat. Any help much appreciated!
  4. Hi there, I didn't know that it was possible to retrofit? Do you know which model I can use?
  5. I did get a replacement one of these not too long ago but it looks like its gone bad as now my engine will only run when the key is held in the start position. I know the one I've got fitted is from a Manta although unsure if later Manta's have one the same. Mine looks like this...
  6. Hi Biffy, thanks for your kind offer, I think I've got a pair coming now, I'll let you know if it falls through though. Cheers.
  7. Has nobody got a set of these going? Even if they need some cosmetic work. I can buy single ones as well, just need to get this interior in!
  8. Still after these if anyone has a pair?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, what is his username? Also how much would you want for your pair delivered?
  10. I bought a checky recaro interior for my Mk1 Sportshatch almost 12 months ago. What I'm only realising now (having got the car back at the weekend) is that I didn't get the subframes and my mk1 cav ones aren't the same. Has anyone got a pair I can buy?
  11. Breaking news!! Its finally coming home this Saturday! All Mot'd and road legal now. Started her up last night at the garage and its sounds amazing. All I need to do now is get a new radiator as the current one is half blocked. You guys have any idea what my current one is off? Dont think its standard cav/manta as it looks a lot bigger to me. It has the filler at the top on the right hand side, I thought it was the SD1 rad, but looking at pictures of them they dont have a filler where mine does? And a few photos I found after a lot of digging around on the internet for the cars history!
  12. Well thought I'd pop in and give an update. Believe it or not the car is now Mot'd (although still in the garage) as its been a nightmare with getting all the electrics recommisioned, had a lot of trouble with relays etc. Its got an overheating issue at the moment so thats beeing investigated. Its been with this garage over a year now so I am not kidding myself that it will be done before Christmas as they do jobs on it as and when they have some spare time to keep my final cost down. Fingers crossed for the new year so I can finally fit the recaro interior and all the other goodies I've accumulated!
  13. Nobody got any of these parts hanging around?
  14. Does anybody know where the flasher relay is as I cant seem to see it in the fuse bow? Unless its hidden somewhere
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