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  1. Are the axle shafts from a 2.0 interchangeable with those from a 1.6? Both cars are 1980 Sportshatches. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if new Brake Dust Shields are available anywhere? My car is a Mk1 Vauxhall Cavalier, but I am fitting 256mm discs from an Astra. Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks. Colin
  3. Looking for an inhibitor switch for a Mk1 Cavalier automatic. Colin
  4. I am needing a good (i.e. no rust) offside front lower wishbone for a Cavalier Mk1. I already have two needing work but thought I would try for a better one before starting repairs. Thanks
  5. I have just stripped my Manta A 1.9 engine ready to send it to the machine shop for refurbishment. Everything is out of the block apart from the dipstick tube and a square plug at the back right hand side, looking from the front. How do I remove the dipstick tube? Is it just an interfence fit? Is the plug a drain plug? It is not at all keen to move. Any advice welcome as it is over 40 years since I did an engine rebuild . Thanks
  6. Glad to hear that another Sportshatch is being restored. Good Luck - looking forward to some pics.
  7. I have had conflicting advice regarding the tappets on Vauxhall/Opel CIH engines.Some say that all engines have hydraulic tappets that are self adjusting, or the tappets are adjusting but need to be set using a feeler gauge, with the engine running. Others, including some manuals, say that the 1.6 and 1.9 had solid tappets and only the 2.0 had hydraulic tappets. Can anyone tell me exactly what is what? Can you tell by looking at the setup without removing the b*****y things? Thanks
  8. Simple and effective, like all the best ideas! Great idea.
  9. Is there a Club stand at the Stirling show?
  10. We have just been to Dronton in Holland for OpelTreffen 2014. A great day with some fantastic cars. I have posted some photos to give a flavour of the day.
  11. As it is a very early example, definitely restore to as close to original as possible. With the rolling tax exemption coming along, it would nice to find a source to link VIN to build date for all of us.
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