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  1. Hi Davie im also not far from you and a mate of mikes. I have three manta's, look forward to your updates.
  2. My manta just failed mot on loads of items, one being rough steering from rack to steering wheel. Any idea what needs replaced or can it be lubed. Thanks Andy.
  3. Hi Ian yes spoke to you at billing 2014 Im the guy from up north we spoke about you two manta's in your front garden but you were still waiting to move the b series to gain access to them.Yes my collection has grown and have even sold a couple over the last month or two. Look forward to get one of them finish for the spring. I'm also on mk2cav site and total Carlton. Look forward to meeting up with you some time again.
  4. Hi stevie I'm another Vauxhall/ Opel nut from near you. From Aberdeen but live in Stonehaven now. Met up with Jim and the others Tuesday evening for a bite to eat. I have 3 manta's none on the the road at the moment but hopefully for next year. Good luck hunting for one as not many come up, esp up here ,you may have to travel a bit to find a half decent one. I may be putting one of my 1.8s hatch up for sale soon or in the new year,could even store it for you if you weren't needing it till next year. I also have mk2 cavs, senators, carltons and a mk2 Astra undergoing some kind of work.No room for any more.
  5. Hi not been on here for a while. Met up with Jim, Mark and Gerry Tuesday night for a bite to eat,nice meeting you guys. i have a collection of cars, first being a manta Srb sh auto in gold on a w plate been off road for around 25 years plus two 1.8s hatches. I also have 6 mk2 cavs, 4 sennys,4 carltons and a mk2 Astra expression. Not done much with the manta's as working on some of the others but looking to get one of them on the road for next summer.
  6. Are you looking for the early ones with the trim along the side as I have a good pair I may part with but will cost you. Andy
  7. I have seats from a cav/manta not sure will look them out this weekend as away for Xmas and send you a picture and price. I stay in stonehsven just south of aberdeen and could meet up some where in between. Can you send nd a email address or contact no, Thanks andy
  8. Welcome to the site. plenty of people here to give you good advise. Get some pictures up. I was over in aus some 4 years back had a great time spent 3 nights in Melbourne loved it. Andy
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