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  1. Hi, does anyone have a tidy centre console from an early Manta B available. It's for my 1976 Berlinetta 1.9 CIH. Cheers.
  2. I think I still have one behind my shed. I could get it up to Dumfries but will be a week or so till I can confirm its still there.
  3. If anyone has a chrome set then please let me know. I have been looking for them for two years now. The black ones should be more common but I have never really looked for them.
  4. Hi, who was it on here that was doing the upgraded fans for the Manta B heater? I did make contact a while ago but for family reasons everything was put on hold. I have now started the car and the heater is howling like a Banshee so I can't put it off much longer. I am away from Friday this week for a week but could order and pay so it is delivered by I return, unless the guy was in Cornwall and I could pick one up. cheers, Bob.
  5. Or if you are up north I think there is one behind my sons shed. I can check for you, it's near Carlisle.
  6. Thanks guys. I will be getting one of these ordered as soon as payday comes around.
  7. Hi, I am looking for contact details for the guy who supplies the modified heater blowers for the Manta B. mine sounds like I have a cat trapped in it :-)
  8. Having looked at the link they look great. Can you tell me how big a gap there would be between the tray and rad on an early CiH car. Mine is a 1976 with the 1.9 engine.
  9. That is a small stand space. At least I will be happy though, my car is an early B registered on 1st March 1976. Be nice to see the early cars being featured. Look forward to coming down to see the display.
  10. Does the club have a stand at this year's show in November? Thanks, Bob.
  11. Hi, don't know what to call the parts I need really. I have seen Manta B Coupe with a alloy or stainless trim panel fitted over the normally painted triangle bit at the rear corner of the opening rear windows. I don't know if these are home made or a long defunct product but I would like a pair for my car. Can anyone help with this?
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