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  1. Hi, does anyone have a tidy centre console from an early Manta B available. It's for my 1976 Berlinetta 1.9 CIH. Cheers.
  2. I think I still have one behind my shed. I could get it up to Dumfries but will be a week or so till I can confirm its still there.
  3. If anyone has a chrome set then please let me know. I have been looking for them for two years now. The black ones should be more common but I have never really looked for them.
  4. Hi, who was it on here that was doing the upgraded fans for the Manta B heater? I did make contact a while ago but for family reasons everything was put on hold. I have now started the car and the heater is howling like a Banshee so I can't put it off much longer. I am away from Friday this week for a week but could order and pay so it is delivered by I return, unless the guy was in Cornwall and I could pick one up. cheers, Bob.
  5. Or if you are up north I think there is one behind my sons shed. I can check for you, it's near Carlisle.
  6. Thanks guys. I will be getting one of these ordered as soon as payday comes around.
  7. Hi, I am looking for contact details for the guy who supplies the modified heater blowers for the Manta B. mine sounds like I have a cat trapped in it :-)
  8. Having looked at the link they look great. Can you tell me how big a gap there would be between the tray and rad on an early CiH car. Mine is a 1976 with the 1.9 engine.
  9. That is a small stand space. At least I will be happy though, my car is an early B registered on 1st March 1976. Be nice to see the early cars being featured. Look forward to coming down to see the display.
  10. Does the club have a stand at this year's show in November? Thanks, Bob.
  11. Hi, don't know what to call the parts I need really. I have seen Manta B Coupe with a alloy or stainless trim panel fitted over the normally painted triangle bit at the rear corner of the opening rear windows. I don't know if these are home made or a long defunct product but I would like a pair for my car. Can anyone help with this?
  12. Hi, has anyone got a radiator tray to fit an early CiH Manta B? I would ideally like a stainless or alloy one but I would consider glass fibre one if that's all that's available Able.
  13. I am desperately looking for a new or totally undamaged boot spoiler to replace the one currently on my Coupe. Not the Exclusive one, just the standard rubber one. If anyone has one available please get in touch. Thanks, Bob.
  14. Still looking for a new rear spoiler. This one has had a coat of silver paint at some point and sanding just doesn't remove it. Am I right in believing that they were originally just plain rubber?
  15. Could be worth a try. The spoiler on my car had been painted before I bought it and had cracking due to being pressed down on while closing the boot or pushing the car it had been on maybe. I tried sanding and filling the cracks and painted it with Matte Black.spray paint but it cracked again almost immediately. I guess the first paint did not contain an effective plasticizer and I am now suffering the consequences.
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