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  1. Sorn’ed in 2010 If it hasn’t surfaced yet could be long gone. could it have been this one spotted back in 2010
  2. A few photos from a very hot Sunday.
  3. Just down the road from me if you need anything picking up for delivery to sywell on the Sun. As long as it fits in the back of the Manta.
  4. Anybody heading out next weekend. https://www.bastoncarshow.com/
  5. Thankyou Mick, I have added you to the attendance list.

  6. Booked for the Sun only. Me a mate and one car
  7. Couple of manta’s on Facebook. Apologies if they have been posted elsewhere.
  8. Link wouldn’t work for me. https://wbandsons.com/listing/opel-manta-gte/
  9. A mate just sent me this photo that just popped up on his Facebook. Could be an old photo, A sorry looking example,still worth saving especially if it’s a genuine 200. Anyone recognise it ?
  10. Popped to a meet on Sunday just down the A1 from me at st Neots. A good turnout of over 200 cars mine pops up around 1.57.
  11. Cavalier near the beginning and nice walk around of the 3ltr gtj at about 10.10ish if you don’t want to watch it all. vboa and omoc stand from 1.08ish
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