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  1. Hello how do you get the trunk torsion rods out Thanks Henrik
  2. my car has the wiring harness that did not have the oil psi guage so two of the holes in the plastic connector that goes to the dash are empty and dont have a wire or terminal in them does anybody know what kind of terminal it is and whats it called id like to get to of these to wire up to my oil psi sensor
  3. if you get the bulb adapter hb12 to h4 can you then use them on your hella Square lights ? whats a good brand HID to use thanks
  4. Im search for the connector thats glues or saudered to the rear window demister grid mine have fallen off and are missing does anybody know were to get them and what did you use glue or sauder to get them back on thanks
  5. I have a gas tank for carburetor car with 8mm fuel line outlet fitting i was wondering if i could change the fitting to 12mm outlet for fuel injection or do i have to get a fuel injection fuel tank does anybody know the thread size in the carburetor tank the fitting screws into the tank is in really good shape so id like to keep it and its already modified with return line thanks
  6. Hello i have a problem with my battery going completly dead sometimes after sitting overnight its 79 manta with fuel injection has any body had this problem and how did you fix it cheers
  7. Hello I changed may instrument panel from the original one with the econ gauge to the one that has the oil psi insted now the tach is missing about 1000rpm shows 0 at idle and 1000 at 2000 and so one and along with the swap I got a new newer style voltage regulator anybody else had this problem Thanks Henrik
  8. has anybody seen a vw engine in a Manta B I see the vw golf 2 1,8 16v gti and the g60 engines that someone has spendt alot of money to build up with turbo intercooler fuelsystem cam audi turbo pistons sell complete for araound 600-700 euros on ebay.de all the time
  9. just saw this on ebay.de wondering if the (lsd only) can fit in a manta axle http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121168943798?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  10. anybody know if the 2,4 frontera intake flows better then the 2,2 or are they the same
  11. i found mine wasnt hooked to anything my car is fuel injected
  12. i did and it broke the dipstick i still have the rubber grommet and am gonna make a dipstick out of something can anyone tell how far down the min max lines are from the bottom of the grommet thanks henrik
  13. can any lsd from other gm cars fit like ones from camaro firebird is it cheaper to find a 200/700 volvo rear with lsd than buy a lsd for manta rear
  14. my voltmeter warning bulb is not working at the same time my alternator has stoped charging could it be a loose wire in my dash
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