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  1. I have an Ashley RWD manifold on my redtop. Had to take a pipe bender to it to make it fit properly between the gearbox and the outrigger. Not cheap but worth the money and the hassle of modifying it.
  2. I rewired the drivers side reverse light to turn it into the fog light (with a red bulb fitted).
  3. I have a GM wiring diagram for Calibra that covers motronic 2.5 (should be the same for 2.8) somewhere. Ill try and scan it for you. From what i can see thew connections to the diagnostic plug are as follows Pin A - ECU pin 55 (connected to pin G when diagnostic link not being used) Pin B - ECU pin 13 Pin E - ECU tell tale lamp (ecu pin 22) Pin G - Earth (connected to pin A when diagnostic link not being used) The only pin I'm not sure of is pin F. I found a hand written note saying it is a fused permanent live but I cant confirm this without spending some time going through the schematic diagrams in detail. Hope this helps
  4. dont forget to cut the lambda sensor socket out of the old exhaust. You will need it to mount the sensor onto the mantas exhaust system.
  5. A 57i kit would be ideal.i run one on my c20Xe setup. i also have an Ashley exhaust manifold. it is a good fit but I did have to adjust (bend) it slightly to clear the suspension outrigger. i also fitted the socket for the lambda sensor to the manifold just after all the pipes join into one. on the heater front, i grafted a VW polo heater onto the original manta flange. this just clears the distributer but I need to either replace it or add some ducting as the air intake sits in the engine bay next to the dizzy. My manta is in its garage at the moment so i wont be able to get you any photograhs for a couple of days.
  6. I have the same smell of fuel in my coupe. It started just after I removed the tank to fit new fuel lines. think I will have to change the breather pipes next.
  7. I used a calibra turbo clutch with my c20xe conversion (pot type flywheel).
  8. I have now got a cable thanks to 16VManta. just need some good weather so i can get it fitted.
  9. BUMP... I still need a speedo cable for a 1985 1.8 Berlinetta with 5 speed manual gearbox so I can put my car back on the road.
  10. How do you want me to send the money to you? Do you use paypal? If so, could you let me have your paypal details Many Thanks Graham.
  11. Thats great. How much do you want for it?
  12. Yep. Its my car. Thes photo was taken on 3rd feb 2012. I used the manta as my wedding car the following day. Fortunately I got it put back in its garage before it snowed!
  13. I need a speedo cable for my 2.0 16V Manta to get it back on the road. The car is a 1985 Berlinetta with the 5 speed box. The cable is the late type cable which clips onto the back of the speedo head.
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