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  1. The green and white one was built by me not David Davis (Daishag). He bought it from me and my brother back in 2005 and painted the back green. It's now the Fisher replica pictured by Evo3000 later in the tread.
  2. My old car now owned by a friend in Ireland. Proper 5 stud too as converted by yours truly rear arches fitted using the Fergal McGovern method from the old Manta400.com site still spot on 12 years later although they've had another coat of paint since
  3. yeah it's RM30.....been converted to 4 stud and 3.0 ltr 12v Oh and i240 kit
  4. Still listed as a 400 replica May as well go the whole hog and say it's ex works
  5. Genuine Manta 400 on Gumtree in Birmingham. Can't get it too link so you'll need to search
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