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  1. Oh right! I’ll pm you Paul!
  2. Wanted. Passenger side door lock barrel for a cavalier coupe / manta b. May not even require one with a key. Also need a drivers side decent check strap. Anyone got anything?? Thanks
  3. That’s a kind offer Paul! I’m fairly sure donor parts will be needed now though? Having taken the thing apart now and seen the issue, I’m pretty certain it’ll need a new inner barrel, and a new plastic rear arm thing, since the locksmith pretty much wrecked it, and I also contributed a bit getting it off at home… I’ll have to put it back on for a week now though as we’re going to mid Wales for a week and I’ll be taking the car I think…
  4. Ah ok bud, fair enough. Anyway, long and short is a new lock is needed. Took it to a locksmith who set about it with a too-big screwdriver and snapped a couple of the lugs off the end of the plastic bit before I stopped him and told him not to bother. I managed to remove the plastic bit at home, which revealed a metal shim that slots into the plastic part from the inner barrel has snapped off, so that was the problem. I’m now in the hunt for a new barrel if anyone has one? Even one without a key as I’ll be swapping the bits over…
  5. Hi Mick. Thanks for the reply. Have yu uploaded a pic there? - It says theres content on your post, but I cant see it unfortunately. I think Ill pop into a local locksmith later on to see if they can do anything with it. Failing that try and source a used barrel that I can salvage bits from...
  6. Thanks for the reply Paul. Appreciated! Here’s a pic of the barrel. I’m assuming the plastic lever will have to be removed to perform a bit of surgery? It looks fairly brittle. Looks to me like there should be a part of the mechanism that slots into the plastic bit creating the turn when the key is twisted,but that has either slipped backwards or broken off? Any points on how to tackle fixing it would be much appreciated mate! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezoarxpdnx7stgu/7FEACFCC-C649-49D5-AFFE-9C111564447A.jpeg?dl=0
  7. Hi all. I’ve got an issue with the door lock barrel on my cavalier coupe. The lock, although turning as it should , has stopped locking/unlocking the door. Reason being the plastic arm that’s at the back attached to the back of the lock is slipping on the spindle. Is it buggered, or has anyone encountered the same issue and fixed it? I can’t see anything immediately wrong looking at it other that the plastic arm doesn’t turn when the key does and slips. Any advice would be appreciated. I’d prefer not to have yet another key really, and I can’t see any locks available online at the moment. (It’s passenger side)
  8. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has and standard height GTE coil springs going for a reasonable price? Thanks in advance! Looking for a slightly more purposeful ride height for my ‘78 cavvy coupe.
  9. Ah cool. Thanks, I’ll check it out
  10. Ah ok. Yep I posted a similar post on the FB group and general opinion is it wouldn’t bring any real gains. Worth an ask though! Thanks.
  11. Hi. Just wondering would a standard 2.0 cam and hydraulic lifters swap make for a worthwhile performance upgrade on my standard 1900s? Wondering wether to pick one up for next time the head is off. Thanks in advance!!
  12. Done one side of my cavvy coupe today following the how2. Very pleased with the results. Ran out of light so I'll do the other side next week great little guide, made it a doddle!
  13. Sorted! The quarterlight windows are now sporting the reprotec lever fixings and hinges - work a treat tbh! I went down Plumbsters route and used little bolts to attatch the plastic handle, I tried the rollpins, but tbh I was very worried about bending the fixing or even breaking the window as I drove them in. Bolts will be easier to disasemble too if I ever need to. Thanks for the helps chaps!
  14. Ah thats brilliant!! Nice one Plumster! It is the same - and its just been bought! :)) Ive just noticed that the same people do replacement hinges - but ones that can be bonded to both sides of the pane rather than just the outer side. Anyone used them? Are they worth a punt? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Set-Quarterlight-Bracket-Rubbers-Opel-Ascona-A-B-Manta-B-Corsa-A-Rekord-D-E/352055697105?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  15. ok cool. Ive just done a search and can get a sheet of 1.5mm viton. I reckon I need 2x outer washers at 1.5mm thickness, plus a spacer at 3mm thickness to sleeve the stem that passes through the window. Ill cut my own and double up the centre sleeve from the 1.5. Thanks again. Its been emotional.
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