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  1. Hi anyone point me in the direction of a decent fuel tank for sale for a A Series. Thanks
  2. Can anyone point me in the right direction, im after a steering column housing, hazard button on top type, also the indicator stalk complete if possible the hazard button is missing but still doesnt work so i presume faulty. Also a clock for the centre console below the radio to match the other two. Cheers
  3. Probably sorted by now but i ran a sprint manifold but with twin 40 dfis, no problems with bonnet and they also had a chrome filter fitted with a little tweeking internally she gave 138bhp at rear wheels, fairly nippy for it s day.
  4. Nice to here its not just me who have had a slight problem with adrian flux ive insured the Manta for quite a few years and also my main car and just recently my 2 sons who shared a car whilst learning to drive before they passed their tests, customer services not exactly at the top of the list at the moment.
  5. Tyres are important with the profile off top of me head rear 275/35s and front 235/40s Cheers Steve
  6. Sorry for the delay its been hectic this end here are the Photos as promised Ive had to put them on separate Hi i keep getting error on the upload so cant get any more on it says -200 error so no idea to what i am doing wrong the two above went on fine.
  7. will do tomorrow, rear 10 x 17 front 8.5 x 10
  8. yes will sort them out and try to put a photo on, 17s dont look too big i even thought of doing the larger Porsche rims and modifying the 400 kit, Ignore the background this was in March but i can take some of the wheels if it helps. Steve
  9. Yes i did it that way with a short nut machined down, it really was that easy but the holes were already counter sunk on the 4 stud part to accept the stud, it looks like those above you had use a flat bolt not a tapered one. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi just read this and i dont see what you see a problem with the adapters if the rims are the correct offset with the adapters all you need is the nuts to be turned down so they dont fowl the rims, its dead easy i dropped on some perfect offsets on the Porsche rims with a decent offset to fill the arches, but if they are on ebay then i guess its too late.
  11. Hi i used the vw to porsche adapters and ran with 17" wheels 10s on the back and 8.5 fronts offset im not sure with out looking but the hard part is getting the nuts that fit inside without catching the wheel which depends on what depth the adapters are, i purchased locally but you can find them just takers a bit of hunting internet wise, they have been on for quite a few years and ive had no problems what so ever. Cheers Steve
  12. Hi sorry i missed this one, i need to get on here more often, i still have a few bits left from when i did the 24v conversion i have a list somewhere on the PC so will try to find it and pop it on, they will be more useful sat in someone elses garage that might use them one day than sat in mine im sure.
  13. Hi i have one off a hatchback but not much use if its for a coupe (as per photo) in profile, shame
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