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  1. I suspect someone has got a bit of a bargain there but time will tell.
  2. Yep, saw the article, worth a read despite some inaccuracies but hey, they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/car-profiles/peroxide-blondes-and-mullets-40-years-of-the-opel-manta-b2/ The associated valuations link is too generic as the market would put a late exclusive coupe way higher in value than say a ‘78 1600 GL hatch so it seems this is a rough average for anything with a Manta badge. https://www.hagerty.co.uk/valuation/tool/ but again, it’s a start.
  3. If this is all that’s immediately available it raises the write-off stakes for us with rolling projects.
  4. I missed it the first time round so hadn’t seen it had already been at £15K I contacted via eBay messenger, he sent me pics no problem. It’s not shiny under there and the strut tops have some waxoyl around them but the inner wings looked fine, the battery tray looked ok as did the chassis legs from above. As far as the pics go it seemed genuine enough.
  5. I contacted him via eBay and got a good response. Alas It’s out of my league now though, £9K and climbing with 5 days to go.
  6. Welcome aboard Simon, identity crisis or not it’s a survivor and looks good in the pics. The main thing is that you enjoy it 👍
  7. Yoga mats are likely to be low density open-cell foam which will be transparent to the lower frequency road/engine noise. You may be able to find fire retardant high density stuff for industrial application such as covering for heating/cooling ducts though.
  8. Might be worth giving this guy a call, I know his hand-built manifolds will be for LHD but he appears to knows his stuff & would know whether the standard manifold is an issue at all under e.g. 150bhp. Alternatively, a road trip to Sweden would be fun too 😎 http://highspeedracing.se/Opel-CIH-2-0-2-4-Opel-Kitcar.htm Google translates the page pretty well.
  9. Looks fantastic, hope it all works out well!
  10. Hi Andy, no clue about the XE stuff, could you let us know what you figured out & why it has to be that way? Cheers 👍
  11. After all the work you put in it must be very satisfying to have done 2400 miles without too much trouble. Glad you’re using it and having fun 👍
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