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  1. The Manta looks decent but haven’t seen this site before... https://themarket.co.uk/listings/opel/manta-gt-a-series/d7ca8e09-f5b6-4c60-8116-93aa4b4e7dc5?status=live
  2. No personal experience of big power but having read a lot & lurked for years before buying a Manta, the impression I have is that gearbox issues are more to do with putting in oil rather than the proper fluid. If you are semi mad & drive it like a drag racer every day you might ruin the selector. The torque tube & diff are much more likely to let go and that seems to be nearer the 200bhp mark. BMW 2002’s & E30’s such as the 320i have Getrag 240’s, many an engine swap has been done without swapping boxes...
  3. She’s clearly as well impressed as we all are! Beautiful girl in a smart motor. Glad you’re there to love them & make them feel secure. Strength & wisdom to you.
  4. Should have remembered it was you who’d been looking at this previously, I’d even commented then too 🤪 will look out for the next instalment!
  5. 5th & 6th September- they seem to have the cancelled Goodwood Revival slot. http://www.retroridesweekender.com/
  6. This is worth starting another thread Jess especially if you’ve done some research already.
  7. Interesting! I don’t remember about the earlier carb models but the rotor arm in the injected CIH with electronic ignition is straight through. A year or so back I had an issue with a lack of higher revs on load that ended up being to do with the distributer cap but a new cap sorted that & I put a new rotor arm in then. Right now my car seems fine but I’d still like to have a spare coil.
  8. Thanks again for all the advice, its really encouraging! Coil I'm now running & pictured above is 0.9 Ohms between the primary inputs & 11.8k between the secondary HV out & the low voltage in's. Not having thought about ignition coils in donkey's years I guess this suggests more windings in the secondary than in Exclusive Opel's one? So I wondered which coil died inside the one that I was using when the car stopped & there was no spark in the plugs so I just tested it & frustratingly its fine on cold tests with the multimeter. Primaries 0.9 Ohm, primaries to secondary 2.33k so, I'll try the newer but suspected unserviceable one tomorrow - to be continued... I should add that I nipped downtown to collect a takeaway tonight & all seemed fine
  9. That’s a very smart looking engine bay, mine is an ‘85 GSi so guess they’re the same. Do you have any numbers on yours?
  10. Excellent point! Not long after I got the car it broke down, all kinds of things were tried including getting new coil. The one that was fitted had no numbers but I found what looked the same on eBay & appeared to be for a Manta - fitted it (no change at the time as there were various issues) and at least it looked better. When I broke down the other evening I knew I still had the original in the New Old Stock in my spares cupboard. Having looked at it now, the eBay replacement was an Intermotor 12201. I've found their catalogue online & poked around & it appears that the 12201 is for the 2.0S... which has points. https://www.smpeurope.com/documents/Intermotor Coil Catalogue 2016.compressed.pdf I don't see an obvious alternative for the 2.0E that looks similar in that catalogue so will get a Bosch just in case as I still don't know exactly what's fitted right now. Thanks again
  11. 15 miles later & all good - phew! Now to buy another spare coil. Any recommendations?
  12. The Bosch plugs in mine have W R7BC stamped in the metal. I’m off out for a quick spin as it’s still a decent evening to see if all is ok now. Will look at your spec sheet when I get to a laptop, thanks for posting. I was wondering if there was a low impedance issue that’s killed that coil but I think the plugs I’m running are resistive. cheers Alex
  13. Thanks for the replies. I was tired & long winded last night... My coil died, I jury-rigged a spare one to get home. I was surprised a NOS one failed. Jess I’m pretty sure it’s Bosch plugs but will check after work - mush dash!
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