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  1. Me too but with restrictions easing & lots of people having overspent on holidays etc plus the back to work & school season for lots it’s probably as bad as trying to sell late November. It doesn’t appeal to the concourse brigade either so I’d imagine dealer type investors less likely to take a punt.
  2. I remember having the Manta 400 cutaway on my bedroom wall in the ‘80’s, it probably came out of the middle of a Car & car conversions mag.
  3. Beer tokens? What is that compared to the roar of an original CiH 😂
  4. Excellent plan! I’m running an entirely standard 2.0e engine & injection - all the bits you need! I’ll drive my car up to your place & you can swap the engines over. Will I need to stay overnight?
  5. Looking for a GTE side skirt - offside, mine is split, I guess it could be repaired but if anyone has a good one that would be better!
  6. Thread with additional links here https://mantaclub.org/forums/topic/36192-looking-to-get-back-into-manta/
  7. Brilliant! & thanks for documenting the process so well.
  8. Higher octane fuel should reduce the possibility of pinking. I’d be tempted to fill it with the Esso Supreme+ as Jess suggests & then check the timing.
  9. Ooops, you’re clearly making good progress with it though.
  10. I’ve read about the difference over the years but it’s really great to see it like this. Are you planning to build a high revving engine with the 1600 crankshaft?
  11. This is as bad as tracing an air leak on a manta 😂
  12. Different forums can treat metadata differently. I notice your pictures are all in Landscape, are you left handed? I just ask because if you are, you’ll probably click the home/photo button with your left thumb but to the iPad programmer of 2012 or whatever it was that’s upside down & the iPad photo could be ‘telling’ this forum which way is ‘up’
  13. Heart stopping moments for sure Herman! I hope he recovers quickly and completely. Great that his friends are true when it really matters.
  14. iPad should be fine, strange indeed!
  15. Might be worth trying a different browser if you’re on a PC.
  16. https://www.motorsportauctions.com/category/331/National-Category-Rally-Cars/listings/45425/OPEL-MANTA-20-16V.html?fbclid=IwAR3RjJDmM6xpNwGI3w2FhLM3r7qtxDvsWdzwYRxPmA5i7jpHP2OjnWb6Jvo
  17. Welcome to the club 👍
  18. Fantastic job, that’s probably better than it was new. 😎
  19. That’s interesting, did it start ok & feel fairly normal to drive?
  20. If the car has been sitting, it’s not much hassle & might help so I’d be apt to go over the electrical connections & squirt a little contact cleaner in the blue temp plug & insert & disconnect a couple of times. Same with the AFM plug. There’s an Earth on the rear of the inlet manifold that may benefit from a rub with 240emery too. There’s also ye olde air-leaks possibly that can throw the injection out too. Easy-start seems to be a favourite to help detect those.
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