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  1. Hi Herman, thanks, I should have said I’d replaced the 10V regulator a while ago to no avail. As well as having permanently near full tank & a high temp gauge, the voltmeter never really gets beyond 12V and if I have the blower running it slowly drops down quite a bit 🤪 Do you happen to know where the earth is on the other end of the round-plug loom? Thanks Alex
  2. Herman did you happen to notice where the instrument’s earth is? I reckon mine has a poor earth as my 4 small gauges are all a bit mad. Thanks, Alex
  3. Well said MrsG. A bit of extra help with focussed work can really help deal with the whole time availability & subsequent frustrations. I hope it all goes really well 👍
  4. I’ve always done it the way you did too, your experience made me think we need to have a different approach these days & save other club members from similar problems. I’ll look forward to hearing what has gone wrong, hope the job goes smoothly!
  5. Thanks for sharing this, sorry to hear of your troubles. Having searched a bit it seems that recent Fords have been using a fast charge system that gives up to 18V. It also seems that it is setup to do this at low engine temp & low battery voltage. I guess rather than doing the traditional engine running while jump starting a more convoluted procedure may be in order. Have both cars switched off when connecting leads. Start & run the Manta for 3-5mins to boost charge the flat battery in the other car. Switch off the Manta thereby removing any potential damage to anything that is in circuit when the ignition is on. Try starting the other car. Remove -ve from that car first. I’d suggest that this method should also ensure that the modern car’s electronics are not subject to spikes when connecting/disconnecting leads too.
  6. It’s a lovely example, was seriously considering looking at it myself. Well done 👍
  7. Thanks Jess, much appreciated 👍
  8. Great write up, I’ve done the road to the top once but not in a manta. Enjoy Orkney, the little Italian chapel is an interesting stop. Glad the weather looks good. 😎
  9. Having searched this part number your post is what comes up. I’m guessing that over the intervening 11 years you found an equivalent?
  10. I use my Manta GSi hatch year round in the way you describe. I’ve put 10k on it in 4 years, a significant amount of that has been as a teen taxi but like Mike I’m happy to use it for longer runs, I nipped up to the VBOA rather late the other Saturday, it was approx 300 mile round trip so I took a few tools, a spare ECU & a 2p just in case 😊 but got there and back fine - it’s a comfortable motorway cruiser. Mine will never be a show car but it’s important that it’s reliable and I have fun driving it. It needs welding from time to time and I’ve tried to keep it up mechanically, improving things as it’s gone on, including making the brakes feel more modern. Condensation can be a bit of an issue in the winter, I’ve had ice on the inside of the windscreen but that’s just part of the experience 😂 if you have a garage it’s so much better. Take your time and do a bit of research, I knew mine wasn’t going to look amazing on top but I’d found history of the car in the club & knew that it wasn’t about to fall apart underneath. I’d suggest you spend as much as you can on the best available car unless you’re an expert car body guy with loads of space and spare time.
  11. I couldn’t resist having a quick search as I thought I’d seen a kinda champagne Lexus 4x4 not so long ago but it turns out there’s a much nicer modern gold out there https://www.alfaromeousa.com/cars/giulia/quadrifoglio/gallery 2.0 16v hatch sounds like fun, is it a redtop?
  12. I loved the look of a brand new gold coupe in approx ‘83 but as time went on somehow it didn’t seem like a “cool” colour… funny how things go full circle, I’d certainly have a gold manta now! 😎
  13. No help to you but I have this problem but on my CIH setup. Still running with flattened/worn springs well over a year on since discovering the issue but had little choice but to put it back together. I have a new clutch ready and been looking for a 8.5” GTE flywheel to no avail.
  14. You’ve got it looking very smart indeed, any idea how many gold Berlinetta hatches are left? - is there another on the road?
  15. Probably OEM springs, with the years of looking at GTE’s which was a 30mm? drop over a standard SRB & then 20-40mm further drop on GTE’s with aftermarket mods back in the day + larger alloys we’ve become accustomed to cars that struggle with speed bumps. The original 1.8 sat high https://www.parts-specs.nl/system/large/45984-0c4a2e7834661011ac9cfc30c5e679f83f9f2391.jpg?1520819132 If one was going for factory look, I.e. it’s the wrong alloys etc then I’d suggest that the front springs are too low 😂 Not my personal preference though!
  16. At Hampson’s tomorrow https://auctions.hampsonauctions.com/auction/lot/62-1985-opel-manta-18s-berlinetta/?lot=710
  17. Glad he was able to help out, he’s got some great videos on YouTube too.
  18. Looks really good, enjoy bringing it up to the next level. I can’t remember where the plate is on those but the paint code is on there. If all else fails you could consider sending the filler cap cover for colour matching.
  19. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t get them serviced at a Bosch approved injector place. Alternatively you could try an international purchase https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/295098988355 Also, this guy is importing CIH parts to the US https://m.facebook.com/197495300885279/ or call these guys as there are people modding the A series https://www.opelgtsource.com
  20. They’re different. As you previously said the red car has LE injection which is later/retrofit. If you have a multimeter try measuring across the injectors while cranking/running. You should see the pulses, if not, try between the injector & ground. If it’s a constant 12v or thereabouts the wiring to the ECU or indeed the ECU itself is faulty. This may be of interest to you https://www.e30zone.net/e30wiki/index.php?title=Jetronic#LE-Jetronic Your ECU should be a 0280000301
  21. This has been on eBay for a while, I’m not seeing much in the way of missing trim which is becoming an issue. On the other hand it’s a pity there’s no pics of the underside or battery tray or higher definition so you could better see the front of the passengers rear wheelarch/wing & the bottom of the doors properly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275397841159
  22. It’s worth checking what’s actually being stocked in a ‘rural’ filling station. You will see E0 at some places but remember that E5 means “up to 5% ethanol” so a pump can say E5 but is actually 95 octane unleaded you’re getting. It keeps the activists at bay while folks with everything from lawnmowers to outboard motors swap out cork floats & rubber rings… You are likely to find that it’s not worth the fuel distribution companies time to mess with Ethanol in tanks & tankers beyond major conurbations. If you’re out for a run on B roads & you see an owner/occupier station then stop & ask. I’ve found a few around Sussex who don’t stock ethanol laced petrol. As for lead replacement, some great answers already. Oh, back in the day it was possible to get Avgas (5 star leaded) from a friendly flying club but I haven’t been anywhere near such places in years. It’s probably obsessively regulated now though.
  23. Sounds wonderful, keep us posted 👍
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